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  1. Hi Everyone, Im building a ws setup and I havent had a chance to try but it looked pretty tight...I know UPT chart says its ok but I’d like to have feedback from people who jumped it. My reserve is a OP143. Thanks! R
  2. Hi All, I have a few questions about swooping, sabre2's and progression and being out of town on a job, I cant really ask my instructors. - When doing 90 degree turns, I found that for them to work I need to initiate said turn quite low, under 300ft. am I doing something wrong or its normal on a sabre 2 loaded @ 1.45? - Should I even bother with rear riser landing for now? transition time from fronts to rears seem to be quite short... - At what wing loading it is best to transition to an elliptical canopy? 1.45 or higher? Thanks ! R
  3. Hi! I heard of people getting non-articulated rigs for freefly so it dosent move as much when flying...Any thoughts on that? I like the idea of a tight/solid rig on my back when angle/head down flying but I want to know what you guys think before ordering a new rig! thanks, R
  4. I see! Well, I find vectors have 2 or 3 different kind of shapes, so it helps me quite a bit to see them without references. I'm not trying to see how "big" it looks but more the shape it has. R.
  5. Having a picture of a 319 packed would be cool....but I know i'm asking a lot !!!
  6. No! I cant tell! can you please specify ?! Thanks a lot!!! R.
  7. Hi! Would anyone be kind enough to post pictures of his V319?! thank you! R.
  8. roam82

    Speed 2000

    Hi, Anyone knows where I can buy a Paratec Speed 2000 reserve in the states?! thanks, R.
  9. hi! Anyone ever tried to pack a Speed 2000 reserve size 135 in a V306? The upt website doesn't say so but I read many times that the speed packs smaller than the OP126 which fits in that container... Thanks! R
  10. Hey! Its not the landings a worry about, its more the opening/line twits I'm thinking of...Would a 135 be a lot more sensitive than a 150?! thanks! F
  11. Hi there, I'm going from a sabre2 150 to a sabre2 135 ( loaded @ 1.25) and I was wondering how much experience on the new canopy would be recommended before trying a ws for the first time? thanks! F
  12. Hi! Are DZs usualy open on swaping canopies on student rigs? R82
  13. Hi! I want to skydive a base canopy and the only person I know who has a container big enough to fit it is like 6'2 and I
  14. KTM 530 with a supermotard wheel set: best city bike ever.