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  1. my account is banned. why has this happened. my flatmate logged in to my account tonight and told me its been blocked or something.
  2. can anyone tell me what the havoc is like. i currently fly the phantom 3 and find this a good suit. im quite heavy and usually sink a bit compared to my lighter friends in the same suit. this is why i was considering the havoc. i have 68 jumps in the phantom and 500 skydives. just wondering if the havoc is hard to fly. any advice would be great. considering the tonysuit t bird as well.
  3. I'm trying to decided between these 3 wings. Has anyone got advice on the pros and cons of these. I've been flying the phantom and want to try a different wing and the havoc, shadow and ghost are the ones that have been recommended to me. Any advice would be great
  4. Cool mate. Thanks for your advice. I'll check them both out
  5. im a visiting solo jumper from australia with 200 jumps. not so great at head down but ok with tracking and sit fly jumps. i was considering coming to perris for a week this coming week and was needing advice. is it a friendly dropzone for visiting solo jumpers with such limited experience . i know most people there will have much more experience and i was just wondering if basically what it is like
  6. Is the genting wind tunnel strong enough for sit fly and back fly. I'm a fairly fast faller. Any advice would be great
  7. trying to decide whether to buy the phoenix fly phantom 3 or the shadow. ive read all the articles but if anyone has advice on which is better and any reasons why, it would be greatly appreciated
  8. was thinking of buying the icon pro harness. I5 i want to put a pd 193 optimum as the reserve and the pilot 188 zpx as the main. does anyone know if this will fit and would it be too tight ive read the optimum reserve packs smaller and i could go for the smart 176 but would prefer the extra sq/ft of the 193 if its possible. same with the main - would the 188 be too tight
  9. Your comments are interesting and valid. The facts are in marketing and advertising the easiest customers to get is a repeat customer. Now when someone says vector etc are good containers but will take more than half a year to build then most people move on to another faster company. And probably half of those people will buy from that company again and again. The other fact is there are people who wait and people who don't. It just depends on your level of patience and trust. Also its a bit risky sending your money to another country and not have anything to see for 6+ months. Take karnage krew in Australia for instance. They took everyone's money and went broke and all the poor bastards over here lost thousands of dollars. This not a whinge... Just statement of facts.
  10. Fair enough. But seriously 6 months. If they halved their production time they would surely double the business. It was just a crazy idea
  11. I think someone is having their periods No ones really bitching, but we do think it's a shame that their rigs are good but product delivery time so slow. I think squeak might be taking this a bit personally. No need for the Argo and telling everyone to stfu. It's a forum. U don't have to like every comment on here squeak. Calm the f..k down. Ctfd squeeeeekky. FYI squeak . U posted a f..king essay bitching about things u didn't like about the rigs yourself. Don't worry, be happy.
  12. I don't get it. I just got my 3 bdrm house built in 5 months and put take 6.