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  1. Hi Everyone, Im building a ws setup and I havent had a chance to try but it looked pretty tight...I know UPT chart says its ok but I’d like to have feedback from people who jumped it. My reserve is a OP143. Thanks! R
  2. Hi All, I have a few questions about swooping, sabre2's and progression and being out of town on a job, I cant really ask my instructors. - When doing 90 degree turns, I found that for them to work I need to initiate said turn quite low, under 300ft. am I doing something wrong or its normal on a sabre 2 loaded @ 1.45? - Should I even bother with rear riser landing for now? transition time from fronts to rears seem to be quite short... - At what wing loading it is best to transition to an elliptical canopy? 1.45 or higher? Thanks ! R
  3. Hi! I heard of people getting non-articulated rigs for freefly so it dosent move as much when flying...Any thoughts on that? I like the idea of a tight/solid rig on my back when angle/head down flying but I want to know what you guys think before ordering a new rig! thanks, R
  4. I see! Well, I find vectors have 2 or 3 different kind of shapes, so it helps me quite a bit to see them without references. I'm not trying to see how "big" it looks but more the shape it has. R.
  5. Having a picture of a 319 packed would be cool....but I know i'm asking a lot !!!
  6. No! I cant tell! can you please specify ?! Thanks a lot!!! R.
  7. Hi! Would anyone be kind enough to post pictures of his V319?! thank you! R.
  8. roam82

    Speed 2000

    Hi, Anyone knows where I can buy a Paratec Speed 2000 reserve in the states?! thanks, R.
  9. hi! Anyone ever tried to pack a Speed 2000 reserve size 135 in a V306? The upt website doesn't say so but I read many times that the speed packs smaller than the OP126 which fits in that container... Thanks! R
  10. Hey! Its not the landings a worry about, its more the opening/line twits I'm thinking of...Would a 135 be a lot more sensitive than a 150?! thanks! F
  11. Hi there, I'm going from a sabre2 150 to a sabre2 135 ( loaded @ 1.25) and I was wondering how much experience on the new canopy would be recommended before trying a ws for the first time? thanks! F
  12. Hi! Are DZs usualy open on swaping canopies on student rigs? R82
  13. Hi! I want to skydive a base canopy and the only person I know who has a container big enough to fit it is like 6'2 and I
  14. KTM 530 with a supermotard wheel set: best city bike ever.
  15. we're going to borrow an helicopter from work lol its gonna be a one shot deal!
  16. The plan is to jump from a hugues 300....the simple fact of flying in a piston engine helicopter is sketchy... but tht's another story...
  17. usually 3500' I'm fine with 3000'...
  18. Is jumping at 4000' sketchy to jump out of an helicopter for the first time?
  19. Wrote an email last night to sunrise, they answered they dont have have any issues with the Argus being used in their containers.
  20. my 10th jump....put it B/W to mask the fact that my student jump suit is pink, purple and
  21. Anyone has tried it skydiving on 4hz or with "assistnow" ???
  22. Ok, I'll try to make my toughts a bit clearer...(dawm language barrier....) using the 1 hand 1 handle method you can lose a grip on the cutaway handle (from what I read...) and deploy your reserve into the problematic main.That I think is the easiest mistake to make in a stressful situation.( a least for myself, as it is more muscle memory and not as rational as look, locate, pull...) Using the 2 hand 1 handle method you can have trouble finding your reserve handle... I've NEVER said anything even close to that.(...well, at least never meant to said anything close to that..) I ask 3x because I kept having the same anwser from the same person. I like second opinion on those matter. I argue because I feel that you dont quite understand what i'm trying to say...rsl or not I would be using the same method, but the rsl is a big + to it....maybe my words were too strong on my first post... voila, Assholes!!!! ( joke!!!!! ) F.
  23. ok, I really dont see why I shouldn't....its simple facts. The thing is there it might help. will react the same with or without, will never give up... anyhow, I would like to know what other experienced people think about this, maybe I'm wrong after all...thanks for the input riggerpaul. F.