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  1. He already directly answered this twice including in the post you quoted. JFC- someone likes the sound of their own voice
  2. From the CBS Article which confirmed the laptop, "Brian Della Rocca, the lawyer for the shop owner, provided to CBS News what he called an "exact copy" of the laptop data provided to federal investigators nearly three years ago. Della Rocca said he considers it "clean" because it predates versions that were widely circulated by Republican operatives to attack then-candidate Joe Biden before the 2020 presidential election. " and then "Some other versions of the laptop data circulated later appeared to have had data added after April 2019" If he did illegal things he should be held responsible but I still haven't seen any proof of his "horrible crimes"
  3. Seems like you are just posting more proof that the Government would be holding the Pharma companies accountable if they were doing something improper. If they were just restricting others to benefit Pfizer then why would they also be going after them?
  4. I know, Its awesome! Insane to think back to when I first got my driver's license about 15 years ago and had to pay $4.65 a gallon for a tank the would only last 4-7 days in my mid 90s jeep. I never would have guessed over a decade later I'd be saving so much.
  5. Whats the difference between democracy and mob rule?
  6. Love seeing people post this like its new information or not commonly known. Everyone else knows this and informally uses the terms interchangeably. Its only new info to uneducated morons so by acting like you have this groundbreaking truth you are only outing yourself lol
  7. Its almost like number of viewers isn't their main driver......how dare they!!
  8. The first quote doesn't say that the nations will be destroyed by the year 2000, its sets the year 2000 as the 'trigger point' at which if the trend has not been reversed then these consequences will be unavoidable. The chain reaction has begun, now it is just a question of how much damage. Also they use the word could, not will. The second quote says "...up to". Do you know how many environmental refugees there were that decade? Does not seem immediately obvious to me that that figure is incorrect
  9. They both seem to be of retirement age, isn't it a good thing they are moving on? I often hear people complain about people sticking around too long and that there should be some sort of term limits. Seems like these 2 are doing it right
  10. I don't know enough about the topic to have an opinion. If people are getting mad at the ban my guess would be that the ban restricts things beyond CRT as well and that is the origin of their discontent
  11. Thats not evidence, that is just someone claiming it....
  12. No need for mask, now we need a mask, now we need two masks - Pretty sure these happened under Trump, no 2 masks were never a NEED, just a recommendation. I know you have low standards for where you get your information but I am still amazed at how wrong you often are. The vaccine was super effective with the common variants at that time. Covid we are seeing today is not the same Covid that was common a year ago, ever hear of something called evolution? (changes in allele frequency in a population over time). Most of these changes in messaging correspond to changes in the virus, but the messaging has been consistent for a given situation. I bet you'd recommend a skydiver wave off before pulling, but if they lose altitude awareness and find themselves passing through 1,800ft would you recommend waving off first or going straight to reserve? I have heard and assumed boosters would be needed since fall of 2020. Especially given the vaccine hesitancy of many people and animal resivours for this virus. The leading idea has been that this will likely become endemic and that we will get annual vaccine shots for Covid compounded with annual flu shots. I understand you were probably busy claiming that this is just a cold and will go away on its own but this has been a prevailing idea for a while now. Welcome to the party, your previous misunderstandings do not indicate others were wrong, but rather you.
  13. If we want to make simplistic conclusions based off single data points looks like Biden's economy even in a stumble beats the best days of Trumps economy. Just look at the stock market! Truly impressive! https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/14/stock-futures-inch-higher-after-sp-500-retreats-from-record.html
  14. sources? I live in PA and I can't find anything about a PBS drive against Trump. Especially considering you're geographic area, thats trump country. Even if your premise was true: 1)A Problem solved needs less resources 2)Sounds like the minority (anti-trump) were doing the lions share to help the community. Doesn't really align with the narrative that Libs just want a hand out, makes them sound generous
  15. What about Telephone and Data systems? I think you are mistaken I don't work for them, sorry!
  16. Me too. Only through the power a Atheism and turning ones self over to the TRUTH of no sky Wizard can this be achieved. Try for yourself and you will agree Others are being tricked by powers greater than they can comprehend
  17. hmmmm.....Will it still work if my name isn't Kevin?
  18. LOL Doesn't even understand what toxic masculinity is, I guess he thinks it means men are bad? HA
  19. When I first got my Drivers license (~'07) gas was over $4.00 a gallon, Now during Joe Biden Presidency its only $2.25 a gallon! Look at how much better things are! What a hero!
  20. In the same way that Santa Claus is responsible for children's behavior
  21. The point of masks and lockdowns is to avoid contracting Covid-19 until you can get the vaccine for immunity. thus avoiding the potential for fatality and developing list of long term effects from catching the virus. Many people have scars on their lungs from the virus, even if they were asymptomatic.
  22. If I read your post and understand it to be you saying you have a small penis, the misunderstanding is your fault. I'm talking about the meaning of your statements, No idea why you brought medical science into this. And no I wasn't but shit I could use a drink now