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  1. SO if I understand this post to mean that you have a small penis (hypothetically of course) thats your fault
  2. It's funny you are only asking those questions now, why now but not earlier? I'd say those storming the US Capitol to disrupt an act of government would be the traitors.....obviously
  3. Its not if you see a threat, it is the cop perceived a threat, DUH! And no we can't, I celebrate the death of traitors as all patriots should! The sudden pussy-ish behavior from the right is hilarious although I'd be distraught too if I was that much of a loser
  4. How do you defend against someone not attacking you?
  5. Its sad the R's are such poor losers, Its like the have a disease fueling obsession about it. Loss Obsession Syndrome Experienced by Republicans, LOSER
  6. How would someone else's ignorance about something impact how you personally would understand it? What a weird thing to say
  7. It has slowed down now but over the last 6-7 years I've lost a friend to Opiates every 6 months or so. Its crushing and I'm lucky I got out when I did.
  8. Yeah, just like as soon as you go over the speed limit your car becomes an illegal car and you become and illegal driver
  9. Yeah, it looks like the police will have to handle those calls because.........of the resistance to defunding the police. If the police were defunded, and that cash reinvested into more appropriate response groups those calls would go to those trained to provide a more appropriate response. "I'm going to stop you from doing something, then blame you for not doing it"
  10. Both the left and the Right get outraged. The left is outraged by citizens being murder by police with little to no accountability and the sick dying from lack of healthcare coverage and the Right is outraged by an uncomfortable piece of paper on their face or those different from me being granted the same social status and availability of resources. The causes on one side seem more worthy of outrage.
  11. Such a tantrum, Asked to provide an example of snitching on a neighbor for not wearing a mask in their own backyard and the best you can do is provide an example of a threat of punishment for large gatherings? Not even close, but who cares right? Many on the Right seem upset as their feelings are not being given priority. How dare they oppress your ability to harm others.
  12. I disagree, I think most people on the left hold/held the stance of "we should follow the precedence" What has flipped is the precedence and that was the doing of the GOP
  13. I am typically a lurker here but I just wanted to say this is one of the most insightful things I have read in quite awhile. I don't know you but have immense respect for you and your viewpoints