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    Introducing The Kraken

    Every time you deploy you're sure to get a Kraken...

    Skydiving in Class D Airspace

    Contract towers want the operations count to justify the tower...

    Floor cushion in 182


    Skyvan Air Force Fatal

    Didn't realize this happened in 2014. Should probably be moved to safety and training. http://aerossurance.com/safety-management/usaf-parachute-skyvan/?fbclid=IwAR3LUPKn5OrVlrU5YcWxH7J0HPiFsvpXk2UT6I2sYax9jyNPH9dW76IuQWA

    hard openings dome slider?

    Just curious as to how fast your falling and what is the wing loading?

    Steve Love

    All around good guy, load organizer and Pa and NJ POPS and SOS record organizer. Come join us at Cross Keys on 15 Sep 18 for some memorial jumps and celebration of the Bald Guy.

    182 engine failures

    You're kidding right? "inform not enforce" translates to "I can do whatever I want because I wont get in trouble for it anyway". Imagine if the police only 'informed' citizens about the laws they broke and not actually enforced any of them. The FAA needs to step in the other direction and start handing out larger fines, revoking pilot licenses, and grounding aircraft permanently. What do you think would motivate a DZO more to do maintenance, threat that the FAA will come over to them and 'inform' them about the FARs they broke, or threat that the FAA will fine them six figures and ground their entire fleet? Hey, Mr I know everything about everything, when was the last time you were ramp checked? Do you have any idea what is involved? Of course you do because you know everything about everything. ( Don't delete me yet Bill). Besides the paperwork they usually check seat belt labels and a do walk around. So if you have your ticket, medical,air worthiness, registration weight and balance and owners manual its as far as they can go. So if the owners manual(operating manual in newer planes) is missing they won't make an enforcement action they will tell you you need it and not shut you down. The new kinder FAA Now if you an asshole, or the fed is a dick, or there are obvious deficiencies in the plane they can call you in with a request for log books. At that point they are no longer the new kinder FAA. So get yourself an airplane,start flying jumpers and join the fun.

    182 engine failures

    Every NTSB skydiving related accident back to 1995. https://www.ntsb.gov/_layouts/ntsb.aviation/Results.aspx?queryId=92898a77-0845-4454-8de3-d92819573b8b Lots of 182s, lots of self induced accidents.
  9. So how many riggers have ever been blamed for anything? Lost their ticket?

    GPS/ Cellular Tracker for Canopy?

    If you insist.... https://petlifetoday.com/best-gps-dog-trackers/
  11. I understand the argument and it's probably a good one but consider this: Every time the pilot does a preflight -which is required by the regs- he is certifying that the aircraft is airworthy. The same thing doesn't apply in skydiving....there isn't always a Certificated Individual on the hook, passing the liability from hand-to-hand for that particular flight (jump). Where did you get that? A preflight does not certify anything except the pilot is willing to fly it. There is no sign off for a preflight.There are so many things a pilot can not see or never been trained for that could kill them that doesn't show on a preflight. Rental pilots never even see the sign off for the annual or 100 hour unless they are taking a check ride.

    GPS/ Cellular Tracker for Canopy?

    "With the number of people who have lost canopies" I don't know anyone. Know a few that melted them on a four wheeler. one on a barbed wire fence, and one caught in a boat prop but none lost due to a chop. I'm sure it happens in certain locations but it seems like a solution looking for a problem.

    Downsizing for first rig

    I think you would be able to get a demo Pulse 190 into you new container, but just guessing since I don't know what your new container is.

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Yep did miss that one word. So, whats the definition of a successful freefly jump? Is docking required?

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Doesn't say anything about successful...

    How old is too old?

    Just curious. 120 jumps over 9 years and you want to jump a PD126R for your reserve? What size main?

    Tunnel to AFF training BSR change

    Why do I waste my sarcasm ...

    Tunnel to AFF training BSR change

    Yea, what were they thinking? Cessna static line is the tried and true method.

    Maule exit

    I jumped one probably 10 years ago. The only issue I remember was the lip of the door frame. Figure it out on the ground.

    Are Earplugs Dangerous to Use in Freefall?

    The constant high pitch ringing in my ears blocks out the aircraft and freefall noise.

    Packing Nightmare

    No, Bob it doesn't make sense to anyone that your telling a newbie that is having a problem learning to pack, your convoluted way of packing, and that you think that is helping them.

    Packing Nightmare

    Great advice to give a newbie Bob, working on your fatality count?
  23. From the Parachutist story referenced above Getting here is a journey that started with everyone wrapping each bight of lines with the common 3/8-inch-wide by 2-inch-diameter by 1/16-inch-thick (10mm x 50mm x 1.6mm) natural rubber bands available from most equipment dealers. These medium bands seemed to work fine, but back then, lines were fatter, more elastic and more numerous. I just call them large and small myself. As lines became smaller and made of new materials that don’t stretch to absorb much opening shock, people began double wrapping their stow bands to prevent the bights from coming out too early in the deployment sequence. Many experts warned against the double wrap, saying it caused knots, line twists and possibly bag locks. Smaller “micro-line bands” the same width and thickness but only 1½ inch or 1¼ inch (38 or 32mm) in diameter came into existence. Also came the pricier, longer-lasting Tube Stoes (designed like a snake eating its tail) in several sizes, which some jumpers still prefer.
  24. Because he was packing the line stows with of the use of medium bands. If you read that whole article from parachutist, packers didn't like dealing with micro bands and double stowing can cause line twist when they get the bag spinning. I've had some very hard openings using double stows and and some pretty serious line twist. PD said I wasn't packing my Sabre1 170 correctly. Turns out I wasn't alone. Single wrapped medium band locking stows and and micro bands for the line stows has been working really well for me.
  25. My manual. Page 16 No mention of double stows and the pictures don't show it. http://www.ffp.asso.fr/wp-content/uploads/2007/06/Sac_harnais_JAVELIN_rev3_edition_06-2007.pdf