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  1. Quote Apologies, I don't know how to make it blue. http://www.bpa.org.uk/forms/council/Riggers%20Minutes%20-%201%20June%202006.doc Regards John Harding _________________________________________ Nullius in Verba
  2. Not true the packing certficate says canopy type, not canopy type and size. _________________________________________ Nullius in Verba
  3. Wrong, they are rated at a minimum of 2500 lbs, maybe you are thinking of the 70101 chest strap adapter which is rated at 500 lbs and is stamped not forged. _________________________________________ Nullius in Verba
  4. [Reply]Yes, Atom Tandem rigs - built by Parachutes de France use a 4-Ring system. P. de F. starts with a harness ring the same size as an RW-1. RW-2 and RW-3 rings are sewn to the bottom end of the riser, but the smallest ring is really a grommet set in a piece of tape. Are you meaning integrity risers? if you are I don't think you could discribe that as a 4 ring system as it the grommet through the tape serves the same function as the grommet on an "ordinary" set of risers. _________________________________________ Nullius in Verba
  5. If you open your reserve, the RSL will stay conected to your main, however it will no longer have any conection to the reserve system, as the only point of contact is where it connects to the reserve ripcord, which isn't there anymore. (I'm not talking about a skyhook here) So even if your main subsequently comes out it should just fall away behind you. This is of course assuming you cutaway your main. the one exception to this system that I am aware of is the Jump Shack double sided RSL. With the Jump Shack system a main deployment after the reserve with the RSL still connected can cause problems. I see you jump at Weston, talk to Apples or Fordy this week end. _________________________________________ Nullius in Verba
  6. In that case I agree with you. I just thought my eyesight was going John _________________________________________ Nullius in Verba
  7. Ok Mick I'm lost! Do you mean the single Layer of Type 13? _________________________________________ Nullius in Verba
  8. Sparky you've changed! You used to be so cuddley _________________________________________ Nullius in Verba
  9. Also as far as I am aware PD Slinks are only approved with PR series reserves and IIRC not all of them. You can't use them on the 99 the 106 or the 281. _________________________________________ Nullius in Verba
  10. Yes and only if they are in free fall and exposed to the air. _________________________________________ Nullius in Verba
  11. Well if the lines haven't been off the risers seperating the 3 line groups, front, rear & control and running them down to the canopy is all it takes. This off course assumes they were on the links right to start with. In fact you can do it with just the control line as long as you eyeball the risers to make sure you havent let them twist through on themselves. Obviously if the lines have been off the links, each line should be checked for proper continuity from the canopy to the links and proper orientation on the risers. _________________________________________ Nullius in Verba
  12. No I'm just posting the link. For the record I don't think A.A.D. are kidding you either. I just had a glance through the users manual and I couldn't see any operational parameters set out in regards to tempreture. I'm sure Airtec have those parameters in the cypres manual but I haven't looked. _________________________________________ Nullius in Verba
  13. Statement in Regard to the Recent Vigil Activations and More _________________________________________ Nullius in Verba
  14. Well I have a Loft and a Reserve packing area or 2 at my DZ and I can lock those up if I leave a packed main disconected, however if I left something in the main packing hall and I wasn't with it 100% of the time I would repack. I know I can connect a set of risers without putting the main on backwards. What I don't know is if anybody has moved them when I haven't had them in my sight. Anyway repacking isn't a bad idea, doing a line continuity check will make you that little bit more familiar with your gear and if nothing else it gives you a bit more packing practise and god knows some people need it. _________________________________________ Nullius in Verba
  15. Clicky _________________________________________ Nullius in Verba