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  1. According to the relative wind, I think it'd classify as bellyfly. Not that you can't freefly on your belly in my unhumble opinion ..
  2. It has been grounded, but is not currently grounded. The service bulletin has been out for about four years. Johan. I am. I think.
  3. Hooking it too low into uneven terrain on a 9-cell canopy. Forgive me for not considering it very related. This guy had it coming. Johan. I am. I think.
  4. JohanW


    This is why you can tell your Neptune "I'm on a jump" presumably? For demos, I tend to do just that. (If I remember correctly, you taught me that.
  5. Didn't PD manufacture in Honduras? I have three rides on a Techno 155. Absolutely no complaints. No experience with terminal openings, and it's the only reserve I have ever jumped, so can't compare. Johan. I am. I think.
  6. See you in Incidents. I've had my 36 hours of Pain, and I was lucky, not good, enough that it wasn't worse. I was jumping something more forgiving than a Stiletto. I hope you only break a leg and not kill yourself, unlike the friend to whose funeral I went. He was jumping a Stiletto, and he had a lot more jumps than you. I wish that on *nobody*, not on anyone I know and not on you either, even if I don't know you. And sometimes, like when I still hear the hurt in my twin brother's voice when he, very occasionally, talks about performing CPR on the guy that starred at mentioned funeral, I really wish you would *listen*. Johan. I am. I think.
  7. Stiletto 135 - 270° @ ~400' - ~50% off Katana 120 - 270° @ ~850' - ~50% off the other way With different recovery arcs, there will never be a formula for all canopies. You're much safer with simply trying up high and working it down to what works for you. The whole window idea means there is no substitute for experience either in adjusting turn vs. dive continuously while turning - your setup will never be consistently absolutely perfect, you will need technique (and different techniques at that). Fortunately for the likes of me, swooping the beerline is a lot easier than swooping gates competitively.
  8. AFAIK they're still in business. I had one cleaned and repaired not two years ago, didn't break the bank either. I went through my local gear shop at the time, but you can contact them for repairs through the website. Johan. I am. I think.
  9. Careful Andy. Someone might not know better and actually try that. Johan. I am. I think.
  10. Good on ya. Most men have further to go and never get anywhere. I have no real solution for your problem. But the answer to your original question would be one, maybe two. Now get back to your cooking. Johan. I am. I think.
  11. Yes, mixing those things does make the discussion complicated. So I'll only argue point 3 here now. Not saying you're wrong, asking the question. For RW we wear lead until the middle of our (own) neutral fallrate matches the formation fallrate. We do this so we have maneuvering margin. Why would we, in WRW, sacrifice possible maneuvering margin? Again, not saying it's a bad thing, but why would we do that? For the pictures? To require skill? To make sure you can't do it without a wingsuit? (Esp. the last one actually seems reasonable.) Next question, how much? 50%? 80%? No bent legs? No arching? No lead? No wings? Johan. I am. I think.
  12. Oh sorry, no, I did not read that into it. What I think I read into it (but I've had coffee since ) was that nobody should be up- or downsizing to make the formation fly better together, that that should be solved by skill. I thought you were suggesting everybody fly the same suit, sized with their body of course. No offence, glad to have it out in the open, and I should have known better than suggest you would be suggesting everybody fly the same suit. You'd be the last one on Earth to do that .. sorry! Johan. I am. I think.
  13. Why would 'dress for success' not be applicable to wingsuit formations, just as it is for CRW-formations? (Yes, I said CRW, not RW. Exercise for the student ..) Johan. I am. I think.
  14. Who is this Scotty Buns, who is credited for some air-to-air video? Inquiring minds want to know ..
  15. Recreational or hardcore? Will you consider destinations in Europe? Couldn't help noticing your ~120# exit weight. It's a consideration. But not a problem.
  16. Well, actually .. yes. But the discipline is younger. Johan. I am. I think.
  17. You are, however, responsible for what they do after exit. I'm not a pilot (I wish ..), I'm not American, your FARs do not apply to me, and even I know that. Johan. I am. I think.
  18. Yes! We have a consensus! Wingsuiters can actually agree on something! Johan. I am. I think.
  19. JohanW

    political quiz

    Figures. Europe and the US have rather different scales for Conservatism, Liberalism and Communism. I'll admit to a slight allergy to mixing religion and politics. Johan. I am. I think.
  20. If it's that broken, reinstall. Try an in place reinstall first, that might just work. You don't sound like a user. There's little more you can do. Johan. I am. I think.
  21. Attached a picture of a slot in the base of a 400-way that would be flyable for someone with not a whole lot of jumps. Yes, experience would help actually flying that slot. But someone with rather few belly jumps could easily pull it off, and it would not invalidate the formation as a whole, would it? Johan. I am. I think.
  22. I do not agree with making it hard for the sake of making it hard. I want the rules to validate pretty pictures, objectivised and objectively. The pretty formations may be hard to fly, but they must not be. In practice, it will be hard, but again, I have no problem with that. Johan. I am. I think.
  23. All right, so the guys prefer head. But what would Andreea do? Johan. I am. I think.
  24. It's an advantage is you have to touch your grid cell; it becomes a disadvantage if you have to be in it. Johan. I am. I think.
  25., products, triathlon, tech specs, Triathlon line trim (PDF). I don't see the problem. What am I missing? Do you want trim specs for Dacron? Do you want to know trim specs for pre-4.0 line attachments? Can you not buy linesets from the store? Johan. I am. I think.