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  1. JohanW

    Wash main?

    No. Washing it is not a good idea. The fabric can handle it, but the tape might shrink on drying. Hanging it out from the tail and going at it with a soft brush to get all the sand out is probably a good idea, though. Yes, this means climbing *into* the cells as well.
  2. JohanW

    Aerodyne PH36 Team Video 2010

    The full link would be
  3. JohanW

    Barigo Altimeter

    AFAIK they're still in business. I had one cleaned and repaired not two years ago, didn't break the bank either. I went through my local gear shop at the time, but you can contact them for repairs through the website.
  4. Why would 'dress for success' not be applicable to wingsuit formations, just as it is for CRW-formations? (Yes, I said CRW, not RW. Exercise for the student ..)
  5. JohanW

    Wingu sutu frying on Japanese TV

    Who is this Scotty Buns, who is credited for some air-to-air video? Inquiring minds want to know ..
  6. JohanW

    CRW trip

    Recreational or hardcore? Will you consider destinations in Europe? Couldn't help noticing your ~120# exit weight. It's a consideration. But not a problem.
  7. JohanW

    Which canopy do you use for bigways?

    Biggest was 72, but answering anyway: a Triathlon.
  8. How 'bout just after Christmas?
  9. Canopies do *NOT* steer downwind relative to the ground without control inputs. They don't know about the ground. They go anywhere.
  10. JohanW

    Lines for Aerodyne's Triathlon

    The advantages of Spectra and HMA over Dacron are not things you would notice. Dacron takes the edge off harder openings, goes out of trim slower, and lasts longer. It packs a little larger though, because the lines are fatter. If it's lined with Spectra now and packs tight, get a rigger's opinion. If it's lined with Spectra now and doesn't need a reline, don't not buy it because it's not Dacron. But if you have the choice, go with Dacron (don't pay extra for it though).
  11. JohanW

    Am I still a Skydiver?

    Not a current one, that's for sure. What do you want to hear?
  12. JohanW

    buying my first canopy

    Demo, demo, demo. And talk to your instructors. OTOH, you could just opt for a Velocity.
  13. JohanW

    Tipps for packing my Spectre

    After wrapping the tail around it, lay it on the ground while continuing to hold the rolled tail on the underside of the package. Only then let that hand go. Control both sides of the package with both hands while lieing on it, and lie on it until the air is not just compressed in the package, but out of the package. Dress, repeat. Then fold. Practice, practice, practice. And have someone give you some tips in person. Works better than over the Internet. Yes, it'll take half an hour. But hey, it's winter, there's time. (Oh wait, you're in Ireland. If it's not winter, it's raining. You always have time for packing classes! Love the country though. Nice and green ..
  14. A Diablo glides a *lot* less than a Stiletto. Wendy (I think) had a sweet story about a Diablo and a rock, but I can't seem to find it. And the flare on a Diablo is somewhat less powerful than on a Stiletto. Other than that, they're both an absolute blast to fly.