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  1. No with your sarcastic comments, you must be the comedian.... Like I mentioned, I wasn't making this post to ruffle anyones feathers, and I know I am a total rookie in this sport, and not trying to disrespect the people who have been been jumping for a long time. I know this topic draws a lot of controversy, and was just wondering if it truly is such a dangerous distraction, why there aren't stricter laws. And thanks to those who posted informative responses. ...and as far as my "Wang" is concerned, I have a big truck and motorcycles to compensate for that aspect of my life, I don't think a post on a blog is going to impress anyone
  2. Ok, I know I'm gonna get blasted, but I'm going for it anyway. I have 60 jumps and have jumped with my gopro several times, depending on where I am. Some dz's just dont have a policy about jumping with cameras, and neither does USPA, they "recommend" a c license, but do not require it unless filming a student. However the DZ rules always prevail, and I totally support that. I understand all the potential dangers, hang-ups, distractions etc. So if jumping a camera is SO dangerous why doesn't USPA make it a hard fast rule, and not a recommendation? Please read this as an honest question, and not as a new jumper who thinks he is invincible, I had a canopy tear in two pieces on jump #12, I know how quickly things can go bad.
  3. Yeah, you're looking at a solid 1.5 hrs from Camarillo, if not 2.
  4. Thats my home DZ, and they definitely cater more to Tandems. It just depends on when you go, the other weekend there was enough fun jumpers to do fun jump only loads, and there are times when you will be the only fun jumper there. I have been to Taft, and if that is where you normally jump I think you will like it. I have the same number of jumps as you, and actually prefer a smaller DZ, seems like the people are nicer and more willing to help. I went down to Perris soon after AFF and everyone seemed to be too "Big Time" to help me and my buddy out. I try and get up there about once a week, PM me if you want and I'll go up with you and introduce you to some of the people.
  5. On jump #12, I had my PC work it's way out, causing a premature deployment, looked above me and my canopy was torn right down the middle, in two pieces. Cut it away, and had an uneventful reserve ride. Landed and realized I had pooped my pants, that was pretty embarrassing, especially since I was quickly surrounded by people who wanted to talk about it. Fortunately the DZ had showers. Then the DZO tried to charge me for the canopy..... Lessons learned... Always make sure my PC is tucked away nicely.......and bring a clean set of underwear
  6. Thanks so much for the input, these are all the opinions I was looking for, I came to the right place.
  7. Awesome response, tons of info, let me see if I can boil this down to the info I'm looking for, and correct me if I am wrong......If a 245 F111 seven cell fits, you are saying the equivalent would be something close to a 230 ZP 9cell? So then a 190-210 ZP 9 cell should fit just fine? Ideally I would like a ZP 9 cell, but I thought I needed to go with F111 to make it fit into the container I'm using.
  8. I was given a javelin j3 with a raven 245 in it. The 245 fits....barely, grommets don't line up. I've jumped it, but I would like to get something a little smaller, that would fit a little better, and maybe be a little sportier. I'm relatively new to the game, just got my B license. Have been jumping a 210 zp. The biggest zp that will fit is a170, and I'm not ready to go that small. Cost is the ultimate issue, so I was hoping to get around a 200 f111. Hope that helps explain things a little more. I appreciate the feedback
  9. Does anyone make a 9-Cell in a F-111? Or, is there a F-111 Canopy that is pretty responsive? I'm looking for a 190-210. Thanks for the help!
  10. I appreciate all the responses. The other reason I was asking about 7 cells is because budget is an issue, I am looking at buying used, and some of the more affordably priced canopies seem to be 7 cells. However, from what I am reading just because it's a 7 cell, does not make it any lower quality than a 9.
  11. I just received my A license and am starting to shop around for my own rig. My question is, as a beginner who is used to jumping a 230-250 9 cell student rig, will I be happy with a 7 cell, if the price is right? My current goals are improving landing accuracy, and canopy control. Will a 7 cell suit my needs for now?