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  1. It's a long, and entertaining movie with some guys who's stunts put Nitro Circus to shame at parts. Go ahead and skip to 9:30 to watch the BASE if you don't have a good 30 minutes to kill Find your peace, though the world around you burns
  2. Certainly not. That's far too reactionary. I'm suggesting that there only be a system in place where the threat maker is observed and interviewed (legal guardians as well) to determine if his threats are credible or if he's just an angry kid saying dumb things. 100% effective? Hardly. More effective than a legal wrist slap which will likely only cause further embarrassment and resent? I'm not sure, let's find out. Find your peace, though the world around you burns
  3. I'm no master of law, perhaps lawrocket or Andy could enlighten us further, but if someone is considered a threat to society or themselves isn't there an option of a 5150 or something? Someone comes to a school, threatening to shoot the place up, is that not justification for arrest and proper countermeasures such as some, if not all of the aforementined options I suggested? Find your peace, though the world around you burns
  4. Schools need (and I'm sure some have them) a zero tolerance policy. A kid comes in with a hit list, it gets treated as a very real death threat. No questions asked; he gets arrested on the spot, expelled, not to come within 500 yards of the school, placed on a watch list, gets psych evals (or less traumatic: visits from a counselor from time to time to assess his mental well being), his parents are brought in and questioned by a social worker about home life, warning signs, maybe an investigator comes by to ensure all firearms are safely stored and not accessible...etc. A suspension just seems (partially because of the current social climate) silly... Find your peace, though the world around you burns
  5. Imagine how many probably do. No pun intended, but it looks like the school district (or whoever was overseeing the situation and decided on punishment at the time) dodged a bullet on this one. Imagine had he killed someone, or several. People would be outraged at the lack of action taken. Small town, smaller school, nobody dead, this will probably pass under the radar on most big outlets, but maybe some will see it as a sign of taking threats far more was a lucky day Find your peace, though the world around you burns
  6. Just called Dave at the DZ, everyone there is ok (my first thoughts went to our manifest angels). From Dave: Kid was suspended last year for having a hit list, came in today with a shotgun, shot one boy, blast nicked a teacher too. Non life threatening injuries Some scary shit right there Find your peace, though the world around you burns
  7. I pass by LA on my way to Elsinore from Camarillo on weekends (Provided school doesn't interfere) and I'm always down to jump with new people. lemme know if you're interested in setting something up -rooster Find your peace, though the world around you burns
  8. Good points all. Especially the russian women bit. I'll be up there a day before my friend, maybe I'll do some recon...I'd have loved to hitch hike or take some other leisurely route but with work a week or so is the best I can hope for. Bear and wolf avoidance seem like good ideas, the park gives you bear containers so food *should* be a non-issue, and I run faster than my friend Find your peace, though the world around you burns
  9. So summer vacation is fast approaching and my friend and I are going to spend about 7-10 days trekking around Denali natl. park. Right now we're in the research phase and looking up the best (Read cheapest) way to get there from California. We can do a round trip airfare to Anchorage from LAX for a little less than $600 using Alaskan air, anyone know of something significantly cheaper? Also, for those that have been before, do you have any recommendations for which units we might want to see or avoid? I'll post pictures after if anyone is interested Thanks! Find your peace, though the world around you burns
  10. 20 years old and have one on my left shoulder. Thinking about getting the violin "f's" somewhere equally hide-able later on but nothing else, and sure as hell no tribal bands or barbed wire. Like said above, tatts on the face and arms are not widely accepted in the professional workplace and I intend to be working for the navy in chemistry and later on teaching it in public schools. To your question though, from my experience I'd say a large number of skydivers do. This sport tends to attract the thrill seekers Find your peace, though the world around you burns
  11. I get what you're saying. and I usually don't take issue with a movie deviating from the book as long as the central theme is preserved, I don't even mind large parts missing as long the idea is there. Unless it's going to be hours upon hours, most movies aren't able to incorporate all the ideas and themes present in a 1000+ plus page series but let's be honest, the main premise of this series is a dystopian US where children are forced into a gladiatorial arena to slaughter each other for entertainemt of the elite, and the ensuing (horribly) bloody civil uprising and how it's viewed through the eyes of a young girl (with her love interest(s) taking the backseat). that doesn't sound like PG-13 material to me. so unless you sterilize the entire production, or shift the focus of it to a love story a-la twilight it's going to lose sight of the main idea IMO. Find your peace, though the world around you burns
  12. Pretty good series all in all. The ending was a major letdown for me and completely went against everything I had been brought to believe about the main character and her moral standing. Complete 180. I won't go further as it would require a fairly large spoiler Also, as much as these books were intended for a 'younger audience' they were pretty horrific. I mean some of it was like reading a passage from the script of one of the Saw movies. I don't mind that, I think it's better at making the point about the horrors of sending young children by lottery to a gladiatorial arena (war I guess) but I just looked it up and it's rated PG-13. Pretty sure hollywood will have sterilized the hell out of it to reach the largest audience as possible and turn it into something...well Hollywood and cool and do their best to avoid any character analysis or personal growth story. I could be wrong, and I hope I am. Not that anyone is surprised by that but it irks me all the same. And I'll still go see it And yes, I'm very cynical. I make no apologies Find your peace, though the world around you burns
  13. I saw pictures from the Rum Bum Boogie last year as well, and it looked like something I'd love doing once my jump numbers are up a bit more. Island life for a week or more sounds amazing and a great way to unwind from school for a bit. Is it invite only, or do they just not advertise much? It seems like both the group trips I read about were pretty small ~20 people or so. Find your peace, though the world around you burns
  14. I have a new study I'll be applying for grant money for: "Will buying a new Sabre II, fishing spear, Savage .17 HMR, and Streetfighter 1100 S make me a happier person?" Perhaps not, but there are unanswered questions out there and someone has to be on the front lines, asking them. I volunteer Find your peace, though the world around you burns
  15. This is what I was hoping we could avoid: numbers games. Not because I think they'll blow up my argument, but becasue that's not what I initially wanted to talk about. 300 years ago, civilians could be, and often were armed as well as the military on a technological scale. That is no longer the case. Today, the military's technology far surpasses our own in destructive power and intimidation factors. This leads me to believe, coupled with a relatively content and oft divided civilian population, a successful uprising would not be likely. That and how gun control is bad in that regard. That's all. Find your peace, though the world around you burns