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  1. It's like a 95 or 94 I think. It's in great shape and does good in a sit, but back flying or head down seems to get the covers loose. I'll get it fixed as best as it can be and then evaluate it again. My profile isn't updated, and it probably has wrong stuff in it. I don't put a lot of stock into what people put on these internet profiles.
  2. Hey everyone... I was able to hold a decent head down on my last couple skydives, and while I was thinking I was Mr. Cooldude in freefall I felt some flapping on my arms and looked over and my risers had come out of the riser covers and were flapping around! I said ahh! and bellied out for the rest of the dive and pulled. The rig I'm using these days is an older javelin, and it seems like the tabs on the riser covers aren't very stiff. They don't want to stay put in their little slot. Is this something where a rigger could just replace that stiff piece inside, or should I send it all the way back to the manufacturer for repairs? --Thanks
  3. For anyone whos interested after gettting flamed and banned after getting annoyed at a hijacker of my thread i settled on a Sabre2, I'm certain that i have no business trying to be a swooper at this point but I have enjoyed learning from some of the informative posts in this thread. Thanks for the information guys. learned my lesson too. Shouldn't get upset over an internet argument.
  4. Tell me Dave what response did I get? I've been base jumping for about a year and have a lot of very experienced and qualified mentors. I didn't teach myself that and I'm not teaching myself rigging or swooping. Shut your fucking mouth since you don't know what the fuck your talking about and quit trying to stalk me.
  5. I like my Glock 32 in .357 Sig. It was a gift and it is really a tack driver. My Kimber SIS is also a beauty but it is a little on the large side for every day carry. But for just messing around I think the H&K USP tactical is nice... but then again I've never met a pistol I didn't like. So if I had my choice i'd take all of them.
  6. Hi there, I'm curious to know has anyone out there bought the Learning to Fly series dvds? I'm refering to the "learn to sitfly/ backfly/ transitions" ones. I have have been tempted to get them a few times but have decided against it each time because they are a little on the pricey side for me. Some people have told me that they are good (people trying to sell them at a gear store) and then other people have also told me that they were dated and that they didn't like them. As far as my ability goes, I can hold a mediocre sit a solid stand, and a really crappy head down. Haven't done much back flying though. What I'm wondering is for you experienced freeflyers out there, do you think that those vids would be worth the investment? I plan to do tunnel training, and coach jumps as I can of course... just curious about how good the vids are. Thx
  7. Point taken Dave. As much as I don't like to swallow my pride, I see where you are coming from. And as much as I didn't want to, your post made me crack a smile... and I do see the similarity. I guess I'm being a little overly sensitive and looking for an excuse to get pissed. Lesson learned.
  8. Seems to me that your more close minded than anyone else that has posted in this thread. We were having a nice discussion about the topic at hand until you came in and started running your mouth. I will admit that originally I let you get under my skin and for that I am in the wrong. But what I don't understand is why you feel as if your entitled to the right to talk to anyone on here regardless of experience as if they are a shit bag for not wanting to put up with your attitude, and as if you are a sage fountain of wisdom. Serving in the Marine Corps has taught me to wear my big boy pants, and shut my mouth when I'm in the wrong. It has also taught me to stand up for myself, and for others when they are being disrespected/ wronged without cause. I think we can all agree that this thread is dead thanks to you and also to a large part to me letting you bother me. And I think we can also agree that you wouldn't be so cavalier without the internet to hide you. You as well as I know that if you tried to talk to someone like that in person you'd be missing a few teeth in a hurry. All I'm saying is take your own advice and don't be too big or proud, and don't pride yourself on your "pile of shit" delivery. To people requesting advice that type of delivery makes them immediately regard the source as suspect and not much better than the tone with witch it was delivered. Flame away if you wish, but I'm done with this thread and would ask anyone out there interested in keeping this forum going to post a new thread with a fresh topic.
  9. Sorry for ruffling feathers... I'm outta yalls hair. Jets cooled.
  10. Yawn... mmkay gotcha I'm on a fast track to the grave yard. Thanks for the headsup. Anyways this thread has dragged on way to far... Thanks to all with constructive input, have a good night:)
  11. Thanks man, I take you much more seriously than anyone else who posted. I'll do my best not to get hurt... I'm not as reckless as some folks might like to believe. I'm going with a Sabre2 btw, Which was recommended earlier. The way everyone else was talking you'd think I was gonna fly a JVX with my hair on fire.
  12. See that's the problem with this website/ forum. No one really gives a crap about what anyone with less than a thousand jumps thinks. If someone asks questions that some skygod thinks are too advanced for him to know then they are chastized for it and ridiculed. By the way I learn plenty by being inquisitive and devouring information. And I respect the opinions of those who have experience. I also stand up for myself when someone tries to throw off hand comments in the mix in an egotistical manner. But that I guess makes me a little bit of a thorn in some people's asses. People get butt hurt and then do their best to feign disinterest. I don't blame them though. I'd probably do the same to save face. BTW What are you talking about? PS Hope you all get a kick out of my profile now. And if there are any curious low time jumpers out there that want to learn who happen to read this, don't let arrogant people keep you from asking questions.
  13. "Oh my god look at your profile... I can't believe anyone would allow you the opportunity to look at a high performance canopy with those jump numbers... Ugh, these people are beneath us. I can't even remember the day that I had that many jumps because I have millions now." The response I just wrote above doesn't look too unlike some of the ones that I've read from you know it alls... but what I wonder is what are you really trying to accomplish with this whole business of being a stuck up dick? I like parachutes, I like to take risks from time to time. If you like parachutes cool, but if you want me to sit around and stroke your ego because you can afford lots of jumps then take a hike. And for the record, as dangerous as you may think people like me are, I have never had anything other than a nice stand up landing. I can't be too dangerous. Go knit a sweater somewhere ya big Sally.
  14. I'm also curious to know how a competition cobalt differs from a regular cobalt and how it would fall into a our line up here.