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  1. Jump on skysurfer.com.au. Aussie skydiving forum. You'll get a better response there :)
  2. What it the logic of dumping the reserve instad of giving drogue a chance? Both could entangle, so starting with drogue would make more sense to me. You would still have the "reserve option" left. On the side-spin DVD from Strong they lean towards going for the drogue, saying that the reserve has still a very good chance of going cleanly past the entangled (with leg/hand) drogue. Has anything changed since the time this DVD was made? If the drouge is thrown with a drouge side down side spin, it has a high chance of entangling with a part of the jumpers, you then have to fire a reserve past a drouge possibly while still in a side spin. If the reserve is deployed it is going past less body and if it does entangle you have the free bag so the reserve itself still has a very good chance of deploying. It's been quite afew years since I've seen the side spin video but from the start of the spin you have about 10 seconds before black out occurs so you don't have much time to do anything let alone trying to stop the spin. It's not an easy job on a tandem with a flailing student on the front. If in doubt dump your reserve and get a canopy out.
  3. Looks like drogue side up to me. Correct, my bad. First time I watched I thought just throw the drouge, your drouge side up, watched it the second time not paying as much attention and thought they were drouge side down. Side spin, drouge side up throw the drouge, drouge side down du,p the reserve. Will all be avoided by a good solid exit. It only takes 10 seconds in a side spin to black out.
  4. You DO NOT have to do a turn to land. If you are too low you can just land straight in. People have died from still trying to get a turn in.
  5. This would have been prevented simply by the tm doing a half decent exit by presenting to the relative wind, wether its by diving out or turning out poised on exit. Also flying the exit instead of worrying about what your student is doing. Nice job though on sorting it out and getting a canopy out seen as they were drouge side down. Drouge side up its easy, just throw the drouge.
  6. I have a lot of Navajo exits, I used to either have the students legs outside the plane and bend them underneath the plane or just get them to kneel in the doorway. As for myself I would put my left foot in the corner of the doorway and be on my right knee. As I go I would make a point of pushing out and around the corner with my left leg and ride it down the hill. I would get a very nice ' dive exit' from this.
  7. Fracking is used in coal seem gas mining which has been done in the states for years and they are trying to start in here in Australia which we are trying to prevent. Fracking is seriously harmfull to the environment. Fracking involves pumping a shitload of chemicals into the ground which contaminates the ground and water supplies. try and get a hold of a documentary called 'GasLand', not sure wether you can find it online to download you view on youtube etc, but it will show you just how bad fracking is.
  8. Indeed it does. Our ratings are issued by the APF (australian parachute federation) not the manufacturer. We have our own examiners that are appointed by the APF.
  9. A little bit of topic here but to my understanding didn't Icarus in the states start making the Icarus range under licence (approval) from NZ Aerosports. NZ Aerosports is the original Icarus and now their new range the deadalus range aswel. It's a bit like Parachutes Australia here in Oz make the talon container under licence from Rigging innovations. As far as i'm concerned there is only one Icarus and thats in NZ.
  10. Very good read. Definately info in there that everyone needs to be aware of, especially when the powers to be are so quick to ground one AAD and refuse to do anything about another that has obviously failed in the past, we all know they have. Surely airtec don't think that we as a skydiving community are actually stupid enough to believe that the cypres have a 100% succes rate because we all know that is a myth.
  11. sounds to me like vigil are trying to cover up yet another faulty unit. When are these poorly designed, malfunctioning units going to have their problems dealt with.
  12. The easiest and best way to fix it is to get a sigma
  13. Ever thought that the drouge release wasn't through the end of the loop and it wasn't picked up on a pre flight check.
  14. Do you suggest that AiraCom sue the British Parachute Association, the Australian Parachute Association, the Dutch Parachute Association, the New Zealand Parachute Industry Association, the Aeroservizi Reggio Emilia SRl, the MINI STEERSTWO INFRASTRUKTURY,and Paulo Moreira da Silva of Portugal? Sparky No I don't suggest that, but the PIA seemed to be the driving force behind everyone banning them, especially with some PIA members having a vested interest in other AAD's. Definately something underhanded happening here with the PIA sitting on top of it all, hence why sue the PIA.
  15. I hope argus go ahead with their $10 mil lawsuit getting every cent out of the PIA. Definately something fowl in the air regarding the PIA. Lets see if this post gets deleted bahahahaha (moon)