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  1. I'm mostly a lurker but you were a moderator here and I think an active AFF instructor when I first started skydiving and found this forum in 2001. I've always valued your input. Welcome home!
  2. Was fascinated by it on the X-games in the late 90's. When I got to college (ERAU) in 2001, they had a skydiving club that jumped at Deland and it was relatively cheap. Did AFF and my first ~20 jumps there, then didn't jump again for almost 10 years- busy with career moves, mainly. Kind of wish I hadn't taken such a long break, but oh well. Got back into it in 2011.
  3. I had a cutaway on a coach jump last fall, forcing me to land in a back yard near the DZ. I turn around and see my student with 15ish jumps stand up her landing 50 feet away from me. Said she couldn't find the DZ (it was an unusual spot that day), so she followed me. I was impressed!
  4. No, but I packed a regular (I think- it was my gf's demo) Pilot 132 into my I33 and it fit just fine.
  5. Not true. For one thing, all flight instructors have at least a commercial certificate by default. However, only a third class medical is required for a CFI to give any kind of flight instruction- regardless of whether the student is licensed or not. The FAA does not consider a CFI to be using the privileges of a commercial certificate when giving instruction, therefore no requirement for a second class. If the pilot receiving instruction is qualified and acting as PIC, there is no requirement for the CFI to hold a medical certificate at all.
  6. I tried the A5000 for tandem stills for a bit at the beginning of the season. Had a lot of issues- tongue switch adapter problems, freezing up, etc. Not sure if I got a bad one or it was user error or a combination of both, but I sold it and put my trusty old XTi back on and I'm glad I did. I'll be sticking with Canon for tandem work for the foreseeable future.
  7. What mode are you shooting in to get those kind of bursts with autofocus? I got an A5000 to try after talking to a couple people and reading reviews on here, but I'm having some issues (probably self-induced). For one thing, it's pretty slow using Continuous AF in Tv mode- maybe 1.5 fps, at most- sometimes slower. Single shot AF in Tv is much faster but a lot more of the shots are out of focus. I use Intelligent Auto with the flash for in-plane/hangar shots and it works great. Haven't tried either of the auto modes in freefall- should I? Also, I recently had to replace a worn out tongue switch. Put the new one in (Conceptus- same as the old one), and it worked fine on the ground, and in the plane, but I got very few or no freefall shots (yes, I was pushing on it). Happened three jumps in a row, so I gave up for the day and took it home to troubleshoot. Took the tongue switch out, along with the $90 Hypoxic 2.5mm to MULTI adapter (), and of course couldn't duplicate the problem no matter how hard I tried. I did notice that the 2.5mm plug is pretty loose in the adapter, so I'm wondering if that was causing some of my issues- although if it was, I wasn't able to recreate them at my kitchen table. Any thoughts?
  8. Not necessarily. It depends on what your BAC was. First offense and below .15, it's at the discretion of the AME to issue.* Above .15 and/or a repeated offense and you're absolutely correct- the AME has to defer it to the FAA Aeromedical division and it gets costly and complicated (but not impossible). Recency also affects it- if you only have one offense and it was more than two years ago, the AME should be able to issue it as long as there is no history or diagnosis of dependence or abuse. *Even though the AME can issue it, the FAA can overrule the AME and void it once they get the paperwork. This applies to every medical certificate application.
  9. Thanks for the info. I also found that Hypoxic makes a 2.5mm to MultiTerm adapter so you can use existing Conceptus switches. Perfect since I have a few of those and wouldn't trust the reliability of modifying them for paid tandem videos.
  10. Is there a port for a tongue switch or does it require some modification? Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I've got some best buy gift cards and I would love to get my XTi off my head.
  11. Poor student or not, it sounds to me like the instructor did the bottom end entirely contrary to the IRM and contributed to the student's two-out.
  12. I have a ride on a 143 loaded at 1.3 and a couple on a 176 at 1.1. No rides on any other type of reserve, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but it opened and landed beautifully. That being said, I hope my streak of having to use one once a season is over.
  13. I managed to find it with some help from a fb friend. Cool place!
  14. I rode an ambulance out of our dz xmas party a couple weeks ago for being a drunken idiot. Jumped off a balcony onto the dance floor. The landing didn't go so well. Apparently I can teach a PLF but didn't perform a proper one. Knocked myself out for a good few minutes/concussion. Knocked one front tooth completely out, broke the one next to it. Cut above my right eye almost down to the bone took 7 stitches, another in my chin took 7 more, and my lower lip took a few as well. Also fractured the lower part of my right eye socket, left knee has fluid building in it, and right elbow is still a little sore. Mostly recovered now aside fronm the sore knee and some dental work... hopefully can at least do a h&p or two on New Year's Day without my eyeball or temp tooth falling out. Doh... should have gone to my "real job" xmas party instead.
  15. I could swear I once heard there was/is a bar in NYC that was either skydiving-themed, or owned by jumpers or something along those lines... anyone know if such a place exists or is it something I just dreamed up? All I could find via search on here is Puck Fair... which doesn't sound like what I'm thinking of, but I may check it out anyways. Thanks!
  16. Well the "victim" is still jumping there (as seen in Parachutist recently), so obviously there are no hard feelings. Maybe it's time for to just move the fuck on already.
  17. Do any of you that are jumping them wear contacts? I'm thinking about trying them out, but I wear contacts (at least until I can afford lasik) and I've heard/read mixed reviews from contact wearers.
  18. I'd like to hear his reason why no flaps. I can't think of any. Purely a guess, but I can: operator thinking that they're saving wear and tear (and thus $$) on the flap system. Disclaimer- I know nothing (mechanically speaking) about Twin Otters, so I don't know if the flaps are a weak point at all, but regardless, fewer cycles = less potential for problems.
  19. Looks more like a highlight reel of bad exit shots to me.
  20. Landed next to the first two because I was able to, and for the third, my gf at the time went and picked it up while I filmed the landing of the tandem I was shooting. Not too hard to find 'em (or land near them) in the midwest.
  21. Depending on your settings it might be. If your account is set up to email you when you get a friend request (which I think is a default setting), you could just look at the date/time there. Beyond that, I'm not sure- I usually just hit confirm or deny.
  22. No worries. 10 knots is the max tailwind component limitation for pretty much all turbojets, big and small (I've read that a couple Airbus models might be 15)- making landing with anything over that illegal. The ability to circle and land north depends on the airplane- it's much safer and more feasible in a big turboprop with slow approach speeds and a tighter turning radius. Different story in a swept wing jet with higher approach speeds and thus larger turning radius. While it is technically doable in some jets that can slow way down safely, it's just not really a great idea in my opinion. There are a very few locals/regulars that do it in jets, but to my knowledge, most do not. We as a company, do not, despite being fairly frequent visitors. It's simply not worth the risk- especially with Rifle- a much better airport in almost every respect (approaches, runway, parking, FBO services, prices)- only a 90 minute drive away. I've heard idiots holding for almost that long hoping to get in to Aspen. I think most of us approach Aspen trips almost planning on not getting in. If we happen to, great, but it's because everything was just right to do it safely. If there are any red flags, we say screw it and divert. I have my theories on what led up to this Challenger crash, but I'd prefer to keep them to myself. I doubt the investigation will take too long anyways. Sorry if I came across a little snarky in my first response.
  23. Clearly you haven't been there in a "fast plane." It is sketchy on anything but a rare calm, cool and clear day and even then it demands utmost respect. Anyone who thinks that airport is no big deal doesn't know what they don't know. Anyway- F that airport. Been going there semi-regularly for years and we train for it in the sim every six months. I absolutely hate it (as does just about everyone else who has to go there). Nothing makes me happier than telling the passengers, "sorry, can't get into Aspen today, we'll arrange transportation for you from Rifle." Personal hatred of the airport aside, landing with anything more than a 10 knot tailwind component is illegal in just about every jet out there, and doing it at Aspen is just stupid. 20+ knots is absurd, abject stupidity, especially since it was their second attempt in the same winds. Circling to 33 is not a very desirable option in most jets and not an option at all for many types/operators. Bottom line- they should never have even made a first attempt- there is nothing and no one that important in Aspen. If there's even a sliver of doubt, it's better to bag it and go to Rifle- much safer and not that bad of a drive for the passengers. Oh, and spin it all you want, but your thread title is extremely lame.
  24. Very nice! Thanks for sharing- I really enjoyed last year's too and was wondering if there would be a 2013 version...