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  1. Wait wait wait wait. Wait. Hold up. Are you telling me that the curved pin does a better job of keeping your BOC secure? I'm a hyper-elite jumper and I need a pin that will definitely, undoubtedly secure my BOC. You guys obviously don't know what's up.
  2. I was told of the events in person by a rather dapper gentleman that you and I both know. He was having a very good mustache day. Also, it is funny that the day before you told me not to come back I had already posted publicly on FB that I was not returning to Z-Hills. If you believe that your messages to me had anything at all to do with my statements on here you are sorely mistaken.
  3. Sorry, the March 26, 2014 entry should have read: My report to Strong.
  4. Sorry, March 26 should have read "My report to Strong."
  5. The reason Z-Hills came up is because the conversation had turned to the theory that some people get punished for the same behaviors that others get away with. "It's not what you know, it's who you know." To me, it looks like a speed-inducing turn makes those canopies flare better and that the TMs who utilize those turns seem to be able to land them quite safely that way. In truth, I've seen a lot messier landings when a speed-inducing turn was not involved. Hooking the SET (by a pro) seems to be a much safer alternative to following the regulations. IMHO. But that's not the issue. Again, the reason I brought that up is because I was trying to offer evidence showing that one guy can get punished for doing something while everyone around him is openly getting away with the same thing. --------------- The issue of the TM wrapping his passengers has been addressed, according to the DZ. Why did it take the involvement of both the USPA and Strong to make it happen at the beginning of the TMs third year instead of being addressed and rectified when it was first noticed in 2012? Or when I talked to him about it in 2013? I had the same problem of letting my hand get trapped under my tandem students arm during my training jumps. By the time I had done my first paid customer it was all taken care of. Again, the passenger did not notice where the TM put his hand until the DZ manager called and pointed it out to her.
  6. The anger and frustration that come from bringing up the safety issues only to have them ignored got the best of me for sure. Walking off might be an option for funjumpers and should be for staffers, but that was how I made my living. I made the (bad) choice of trying to stay inside and make changes from there, fruitlessly. Nobody has commented on the person who was repeatedly brought up to the management by a lot of the staff and funjumpers only to be allowed to jump until he was involved in a serious accident. How many times does someone ned to get on the plane with his chest strap misrouted at your DZ before someone of authority says something to him about it, or perhaps grounds him for a load or two? Has anyone found the incident report on that? When this TM is involved in an accident it will make the news. Every person who is sitting on their couch thinking about skydiving someday will likely think twice when they see it on their TV. Skydiving accidents don't just get local coverage, they usually go nationwide. That's bad for everybody.
  7. Early 2012 (June at the latest) The manager saw a video of the grab and told the TM to never do it again or he'd be all done. The reason I don't have an exact date is because it happened verbally, in front of whoever was hanging out in the area. The TM came back with something like "Yeah, I'd like to see that lawsuit make it to court." Sorry, the details aren't firm on that. March 27, 2013: The day of or after the 2 Icelanders went in at Z-Hills I had a discussion with the TM over e-mail discussing my concerns, told him I'd rather have him hate me in person for the next 20 years than attend his funeral before the end of the next season. You've seen his reply. March 20, 2014: My report to the USPA. March 25, 2014: I get fired. March 26, 2014 : My report to the USPA. March 30, 2014: Tandem student is called by the DZ and made aware of the potential grabbage. April 15, 2014: Student files her complaints with the DZ and USPA.
  8. I'd love to show proof on the Z-Hills tandem swoops, but the videos on their YouTube channel only show the tandem flare. The turn onto final is conspicuously absent.
  9. Not once did we have a staff meeting there. Not once. When I spoke to the TM himself over FB message and addressed my concerns in the winter of 2013, this was his reply: "You make many very valid points. Over the course of the winter ive had time to ponder everything you have said. I am aware of my faults and plan to improve. I have already talked to dave about Many things you have brought up. I definately grew up mentally over the winter. the time away gave me some much needed perspective. I also know my mouth gets me into more trouble than anything and I understand how that can ultra frustrating to you. I appreciate the blunt honesty and character you have displayed with this message. " But he didn't change. Whether you didn't hear me the first few times or just refuse to believe me, I tried like hell to keep it in the family. My face is in the video I posted as well. I'm the last TM on the exit. In Z-Hills the issue was not safe or unsafe. The issue was the one got reamed (no pun intended) and lost his rating to some extent while the others were allowed to do the same thing at the same time as the 'violator' and not be spoken to. My argument wasn't safe or unsafe, it was that some people get singled out and others seem to be given a bulletproof status. Night jumps are a requirement for a D license. I'm not sure I agree that they have anything to do with tandems, but they're a requirement. If you can't do them safely I guess that's supposed to mean something. If you can go around the rules effectively, I guess that says something too.
  10. Sorry for the late reply. No, he has never worked at another DZ as far as I know. He may have thrown a few drogues at Lake Wales over the winter, but before that his skydiving experience was limited to a few tandems in Ocean City before finally being ready for AFF in Delmarva. Then he went from having his "A" to having his "D," a coach rating and tandem rating in a week at Z-Hills. (Oh, and one night jump out of the required two, but after biffing in on the runway on the first one someone signed him off on both.) He did his phase 1 tandems in Z-Hills, his phase 2 tandems at Delmarva (the last of which I watched him hook it and dig out just in time to not kill himself and the experienced passenger) and was handed his first paying customer. That was in 2012.
  11. When I get 'dissed' I come back. You come back to the comeback by walking away. You accused me (or someone did) of filing the report as if I was a tandem student. I came back with my original e-mails to the USPA and (not Ted) Strong. Then you switched topics. And ran away. You don't like the drogue throws? Great. Did I capture any of the other complaints on video (other than the grabs)? No. It's tough to measure someone's BAC off of a video. I never got video of the seat-belts being put on improperly or the leg straps being put on dead last. I did, however, offer up pictures of his hand in a bad place and improper harness adjustment, contained in the same pictures. You've thrown a lot of punches and I've kept standing up. Either I'm a monumental a-hole (a fair assumption) or I believe through 2 seasons of personal experience that this is a person who might not be responsible enough to put another innocent life in his hands. Maybe both. Either way, I'm not running away after not clearing up/backing up my arguments.
  12. Funny how I heard the story direct and you get to call it a rumor.
  13. I apologize for my lack of clarity. Although I believe that this TM has made friends with some of the more powerful members of the administration I meant to imply that the DZ has made more. It is my belief that they're more powerful than one (or two) complaints made against them.