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  1. Try a mount from Modern Camera Solutions. Can heat mould it to fit any helmet. I use one on 2.5x but have also seen them on3x with stills on top. Message "Modern Camera Solutions" on Facebook.
  2. Morg

    Tonfly Ice

    Yes thats my thoughts exactly regarding the drag, and just the axtra bulk in general of a protect or snowboard helmet. Snowboard helmets can be a bit snaggy to. So yes very interested to hear your review! The only review online are typical marketing BS that just list a whole bunch of features. Anyway take a look at these. They are a ski helmet but a racing variety, they look much more streamlined then say a snowboard helmet or a protec. They are also impact rated just not for air sports.
  3. Morg

    Tonfly Ice

    Does anyone own this helmet? What do you think? In what way is it better than a good ski helmet? As far as i can see the main disadvantage of a ski helmet is the fact its a little bit bulky, when skydiving helmets are generally low profile and streamlined. Otherwise they are pretty great multi purpose protection. I travel and hate carrying three helmets! I want something i can use comfortably for skydiving, paragliding, skiying and potentialy some base. The tonfly looks great, but the price is hard to justify.
  4. Has anyone received their shipping authorisation yet? Im still waiting for mine, would be nice to know if everyone else is still waiting!
  5. Cheers for the info guys. I haven'tQuote been on here for a few days. Had a look at the a6000s and they seem pretty great. However ended up going with am olympus em-5 mk2. Seems fairly untested in the skydiving world so hopefully it was a good decision :). Autofocus is fast and it should be able to replace my DLSR for non skydiving video jobs as well as being a great all round camera for travel snaps etc... I will post some pics and a bit of a write up once I get it setup in a few weeks :).
  6. Unearthing an old thread here.. But would love to know if anyone had any experience skydiving with this camera. The Mark 2 is out now and looks like a beautiful all-round camera for stills and video.
  7. Hey all, Im looking to upgrade my setup from 2 x gopros and add a higher end stills camera. I have a bit of canon gear currently (60d, 11-16mm tokina, 18-55mm kit lens and a bite switch). However with the 11-16 mounted, the 60d becomes very heavy. The obvious option for me would be to grab a cheap 100d body and off I go. However I feel that it fills a similar role to my 60d and its hard to justify owning 2 bodies of similar specs (weight excluded). Hence my desire to maybe step into the 4/3 mirror-less range, any investment I make will be into a range of lenses and gear that fullfills a completely different role to my current setup. Looking into these cameras I can't seem to find anything with good manual focus. I have seen that people are getting good results from their GX1's but at the camera store today I was told the more modern GF7 will get superior images at a similar price. However it has even less manual focus ability because the kit lenses has no focus ring at all. I guess I really want to now if you guys flying mirror-less cameras are using auto focus or not? If so is it any good and what kind of problems are you having? Will it focus in low light, sunset loads etc.... The setup is for shooting tandems, but I want to branch out into other disciplines as time and experience allows.
  8. Hey everyone Thanks for the positive comments! Don't worry the 'gravity' of the situation was not lost on me. I fucking shat myself that day. In other things I have done like motocross, when things go bad Ive always had time for that 'oh shit' thought before I crash. This happened so fast that it was all over before my brain even registered it happening. Fucking scary shit. The longer i spend skydiving the more I realise there is so much to learn. Which is the best thing about it. Though to be honest i think in any sport if you fuck up this bad and no one gets hurt, its something that you will make sure never to fuck up again. And in regards to track, i think it was probably 20degrees off maybe combined with the track of the other group might of been a contributing factor. However to be honest there was not really any proper tracking involved as I was moving away from the other jumps whilst trying to keep them in sight. As mentioned this was the wrong thing to do, just clarifying that there was dick all tracking... I reviewed the whole video to establish the facts i posted earlier. I just never uploaded the full version as I did not know any of the jumpers that day. Coming from a filmaking background I never post any videos of other peoples faces without knowing they give me permission. Its probably no big deal in this instance, just something that was always drummed into me and a rule that has to obeyed in any commercial production.
  9. Haha good point, i kind of regretted posting the video at first... Its kind of funny about what you say about inexperienced jumpers behind you. Im sure rightfully so the people in front of us would have been furious. Now me still as an inexperienced jumper is going to be paranoid about who's behind me!!!! Its interesting that it seems with most incidents I watch and read about there are a number of variables that have to be combined to cause an accident or close call. So you can pretty much do the wrong thing and repeat the same mistakes hundreds of times unknowingly or without caring. Until one day those factors combine with another and cause an accident.
  10. No I wasn't able to. However I don't think it was anyone else's fault but my own.
  11. Ok well i was trying to avoid posting here as I dont want to get embroiled in any online arguments about wearing cameras etc.. Anyway I guess if I posted the video I might aswell post some facts to allow you guys to understand it better. - I was on a three way, nothing to do with filming i was just doing a 3 way for fun and happened to be wearing a camera. - We left about 4 sec separation - The other 2 were falling way to fast for me and I couldnt catch them. - I decided to move away but keep sight of them (i keep looking back at them) whilst heading perpendicular to jump run. I think this was the wrong decision, I should have either stayed with them or just tracked away completely. Also I feel by focusing my attention on them I was less aware of other airspace and did not see the jumpers below me. - And yes I didnt wave off, another mistake. Anyway those are the facts, I am the first to admit Im not the most skilled skydiver and you can pick apart my dive as much as you want. There are a few mistakes that I made throughout. However many of these are irrelevant as It was the previous group which we drifted over and I did not see. As I tracked perpendicular to jump run and opened at planned height I feel this was caused by a combination of not enough separation and freaky bad luck. Thanks to the guy who uploaded those stills of the jumpers in free fall below. This scares me I'm surprised I'm the only one who had a close call. Its interesting how I used to think the sky was so big and empty, now I seem to notice traffic everywhere... I think my eyes have been opened a little after shitting myself on this jump.
  12. Awe shit it happened. Gives honest response based on personal experiences to someone asking a question. Ends up in a passive aggressive online argument.
  13. Thanks for your patronising comments. Would I be smarter by default if i was old, cynical, and cared what people said on the internet?
  14. Hi I did my AFF there last year. It was fast paced and challenging as I'm sure any AFF is. I found the people who live at the DZ to be very helpful with getting my A license, learning to pack etc.. I loved my time there and plan to go back. I have only been to a few other drop zone's since but their equipment appears to be the best so far. Whats more their equipment hire is cheap and includes packjob's :).
  15. Thanks a lot everyone this has given me lots to research whilst I'm organising my trip!! I think california is the way to go. I might try and base myself somewhere there or a month or two :) Got some mates there so thats a bonus to!