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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 20 hours

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    Immaculate v2 with all the options -padding - sewn in laterals - skyhook - magnetic riser covers great condition 400jumps. Comes with 1999 pd126 container is a 135evs fits a 120-135 easy bigger and smaller is possible but not ideal. sized for 180 pound 6ft tall male pm for more pics


  2. Time Left: 13 days and 7 hours

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    Great condition post recall rig, only a couple of hundred jumps on it, very clean. Has skyhook and all the options. I paid over $3200 new. Sized for a 6ft person 83kg and ideal canopy of 135sqft. Can probably squeeze a 150 in it but the biggest I have had is a 145. This would mostly suit someone after a modern affordable rig that looks sharp but doesn't want to pay crazy prizes for a vector or javelin. Message for more photos. I have a PD 126 that is in this at the moment. Can be included



  3. Morg

    Tonfly Ice

    Does anyone own this helmet? What do you think? In what way is it better than a good ski helmet? As far as i can see the main disadvantage of a ski helmet is the fact its a little bit bulky, when skydiving helmets are generally low profile and streamlined. Otherwise they are pretty great multi purpose protection. I travel and hate carrying three helmets! I want something i can use comfortably for skydiving, paragliding, skiying and potentialy some base. The tonfly looks great, but the price is hard to justify.
  4. Oh yes sorry if this is in the wrong section. Also i have done a search and didn't find any recent discussion on this topic. To add to my post we are very serious about doing this, we have chosen to slog it out for 3 months in a gold mine and earn some coin, primarily so we can spend the following 3 months doing nothing but jumping, scuba diving and paragliding! Also im a freelance film maker and competent editor etc... Not sure if these skills could come in handy at a drop zone?