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  1. Is this likely to be resolved for replacement containers in production? I added Skyhook as an option to the replacement for my 2014 container which I've been without since Jan. Now this...
  2. Is one allowed to disagree with the opinion of the manufacturer I've opened a can of worms. The response to my email. "...all of the canopies* you've inquired about will work in SN xxxx except the Triathlon 175- even in ZPX material, the pack volume is too large for the main pack tray and can cause the main closing flaps to warp. The I-33 is designed to be an optimal fit for both the standard pack and ZPX Pilot 140/150. The ZPX material is smaller than Aerodyne's standard material but even the standard material used packs slightly larger than other canopies of the same type and size..." *Pilot 150, Pilot 140, Tri 150 ZP, Nano 160. As mentioned, rigger thinks the Tri 175 ZPX is loose. I agree. Manufacturer agree Triathlon 150 ZP is a good fit, but not a 175 ZPX. There is the 160 between the 150 and 175 Tri, but let's call that half a size. Isn't the consensus that ZPX packs between one to two (full) sized smaller? Then again, I'm in rainy England and the canopy was a good fit in my 135 Vortex and I don't consider myself a great packer! c'est la vie... Ash
  3. That's fair enough - ask the question enough times and you'll get the answer you want :) This is more me querying the published figures. My rigger and I have both packed it and we both think the Triathlon 175 ZPX is on the looser end. Theoretically, a Pilot 150 ZPX should be looser still. Ash
  4. I assume you're working on the assumption (hehe) that I haven't got in touch with Velocity. It's the weekend, I'm not expecting a response till Monday at the earliest. I was bored and I'm not shy, so thought I'd ask here to see if anyone's successfully used that combo. Ash
  5. Yes, but the Triathlon 175 ZPX I have in there at the moment is a size up and my rigger seems to think it's a little loose. According to Aerodyne, the ZP Pilot 150 is 8 cu in smaller than a ZP 175 Tri - I'd expect it to scale similarly lower for ZPX meaning an even looser fit. Doesn't seem dangerously loose though. Bear in mind, the fact that we're using a Vortex 135 d-bag (because of window, see further...) may have some influence. The Infinity came with a non-standard Rigging Innovations d-bag, without a window in the bridle. I may try the RI d-bag in conjunction with the container to see if it's a better fit. Mixing and matching components isn't the best idea I suppose... I've attached a pic. Reserve is a Nano 160. Ash
  6. Does anyone have real world experience in packing a Pilot 150 ZPX into an Infinity I33? According to the manufacturer (, Pilot 140 and 150 canopies in either ZP or ZPX are acceptable. I find this hard to believe, as Aerodyne quote a 17% reduction in bulk. A Triathlon 150 (ZP) is also listed as acceptable, but my Triathlon 175 ZPX seems a tiny bit on the loose side. Can't imagine a Pilot 150 ZPX working too well. Already have the Pilot - was intending to downsize to that in my "old" container. I'm currently borrowing a friend's 2004 I33 whilst waiting for my Vortex to be replaced. I'm also working on the presumption that the PDF I linked to will also be relevant to 'my' older Infinity, or has the sizing changed? Ash
  7. 'Off the record' then, are there any ETAs on replacement containers? I think in the region of 'up to 20 weeks' was being speculated by one of the dealers over here... Ash
  8. Yes, watching with interest. Thing is, these rings have allegedly been in use for a while (at least since 2013) without incident. I can confirm the DSF hardware is also used for the hip and chest rings on my container. Wonder when they'll have an update, would be nice to know where we stand. I'm already looking at a contingency plan / alternate container. Yes it's cold, but the skies are calling... Ash
  9. Is the below what you refer to? Ash
  10. Have a bit of an odd one that I want to offload in the next month or so... Triathlon 175 (regular, not CRW / hybrid) - with ZPX fabric (yeah, I was surprised as well, but a few emails with the serial no. exchanged with AR confirmed it). Never come across another ZPX Triathlon to gauge values. Not the most popular canopy and isn't quite perfect - one small piece of ripstop (can of worms...) placed by my rigger over a tiny pinhole that came FOC from the previous owner and more recently, a patch where I had noticed some stitching had come unravelled. On the other hand, Dec '09, between 250 - 300 jumps and at least that many left on the lineset - Recently looked over by a rigger. Seems to be in very good fettle bar the aforementioned issues. Also, fits rather well in my container cut for a 135. What would such a canopy command on the used market? Ash
  11. Yes, I believe Jack is based at Dunks these days. I'm not sure if some BCPA discount or similar was applied, but £1350 is what I paid / was invoiced; I recall them 'officially' advertising it at the time for upwards of £1500. I was at a BCPA event / piss up at Peterlee and was measured by Jack's business associate at the time. Got the container 6/7 weeks later. If you're interested, best to get in touch with Jack yourself and enquire. Tell them Ash sent you. Like I said, your mileage may vary - I'm not affiliated with XDream. Just be ware a service bulletin was released yesterday concerning the stainless steel hardware; affected rigs (mine included) are currently grounded... Ash
  12. Why would you get angry? I can see where he's coming from. I presume the other container (s)he's talking about is the SWS Fire - non TSOd, but seems to work quite well. This is the second SB issued since September in the Vortex. I too bought a new Vortex dom Apr / May 2014.Was the cheapest TSOd container I could buy (£1350 with all options, Skyhook wasn't offered until a few months later). Delivery times were really good at ~6 weeks. My rig wasn't affected by the previous SB (older RSL system attached to the left riser), but it did cause a bit of an over-reaction at my home DZ as I'm one of the few people that jumps a Vortex. Ironically, I was considering going out to the Algarve for new year's - kinda glad I didn't now. Wouldn't have been too happy with a grounded rig. What I will say is since June '14 I've put around 140 jumps on mine and all seems well. Does have the DSF hardware - it is currently with my rigger waiting to be picked up following a reserve repack. Guess I'll hold out till this is updated Look forward to hearing about any developments. Ash
  13. I suppose it's technically a Vortex 3, with the latest logos on the side panels. All options bar Skyhook (wasn't made available as an option until a couple of months after I put my order in - made do with the old school RSL) and custom embroidery. XDream Sports. I know they advertise it higher today than what I paid last year, but it was a similar situation 18 months ago (although slightly less of a difference). And I got that price without any haggling! YMMV. Cypres was procured from a dealer in Germany - you could pick one up mid 2015 ago from UK dealers for around £850. Not sure if that's still the case. It pays to shop around / ask :) Ash
  14. FWIW, I put together a rig, all brand new (apart from the Main - Dec '09 with 125 jumps at the time) and made to measure for under £4100 Vortex £1,350.00 Nano 160 £995.00 Triathlon 175 ZPX £850.00 (used!) Cypres 2 £885.00 Apart from the main, it's all April / May 2014 prices. Yes, the Vector's 'better' and more expensive and the Sabre 2 will be worth more, but that doesn't seem like terrific value at £4.5k for a four year old rig, albeit with low jumps numbers... Ash
  15. UK based brand. Had an FS (RW as you folk call it) suit made circa March 2013. My experience: 1) Lead times are pretty good 2) Build quality leaves much to be desired. My suit started to fall apart after around 120 jumps. Now on ~160 jumps and literally has holes in it. Will be lucky if it lasts till the end of the 2016 season. And I'm not a particularly heavy user (no team training, not much bigway). 3) Friend ordered one, measured by the guy who runs the company ended up with a suit that didn't fit...did get refunded. Fit on mine is okay, but could be better. 4) Booties caused me (and still do, on occasion) a multitude of problems. Had to duct tape them for my FS1 dive! Had a tack put in by a seamstress on both booties which fixed the issue more or less... Still dodgy on occasion. Had a few issues in The Algarve in November with one of them popping off - thankfully I can now fly to compensate for only one functioning bootie. One of the riggers did a quick fix. No problems since. But I've always been paranoid and double / triple check them in the door. 5) Other friends have mentioned quality is an issue. Based on my experience, I wouldn't buy another one new. I would consider CHEAP second hand one in good condition to tide me over for a season... Ash