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    Finally finished AFF! Thanks guys!
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    And yet women will support this madness and still vote Republican. I just don’t understand.
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    and no pro-life people commenting on this thread, because the stance is indefensible in any way shape or form. But ultra-conservatives never cared about that.
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    Yep. The moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the GOP position is quite apparent. Dobbs may be the gift that keeps on giving for Democrats, even in states like Kansas, Kentucky, Montana, Ohio and Vermont.
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    Ho ho ho - 'tis the season for chaos. Finding a Santos Successor Is Proving No Simple Task for Republicans Nicholas Fandos, NYT, Fri, December 8, 2023 If New York Republicans had hoped to quickly and cleanly turn the page on the embarrassing saga of George Santos, the week since his expulsion from Congress has not exactly gone as planned. While party leaders hunkered down in the Long Island suburbs to game out the critical special election to replace him, it emerged that one of their top candidates for the nomination, Mazi Melesa Pilip, was not technically a Republican at all, but a registered Democrat. Another Republican who had entered the race earlier this year was convicted of taking part in the Capitol riot Jan. 6, 2021. Word leaked that party officials were interviewing a more serious contender: a former state assemblyman known to have potentially damaging ties to Santos through a bizarre business proposition that one person involved said resembled the classic email scheme with a Nigerian prince. And records were unearthed in news reports showing that another front-runner, Mike Sapraicone, had not only been sued for suppressing evidence in a murder case as a New York City police officer but also later made political contributions totaling $40,000 to an unexpected recipient: the race’s Democratic nominee, Tom Suozzi. The torrent of revelations washed away the message of order and unity that top Republicans sought to project in the wake of Santos’ hurricane. And suspicions that many of the unsavory disclosures about the candidates had been seeded in the press by rival Republican camps left some fretting that the party was playing straight into Democrats’ hands.
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    Citing a South African source seemed legit to me, after all he was referencing international combustion engines.
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    He spent it on drugs, women, booze and the rest he just wasted.
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    Thanks! I used to be freaked out by backflipping in freefall and when I had to do it it was so easy. I've noticed that once I'm out of the door I'm good. It's for sure the mental aspect that was holding me back. Now I'll iron some stuff out and ideally be licensed by the end of the year.
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    Hot diggity ding dang! Congratulations! Wendy P.
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    Hi folks, IMO this is an important, but sad, thing to consider: Why every parent of a teen should have Narcan at home - oregonlive.com Jerry Baumchen
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    I would agree that sometime in the future EVs may be perfectly feasible, however that time is not now. We are wasting billions of dollars on nascent technology that is not ready for prime time. The amount of material that has to be mined and refined is massive compared to what an ICE vehicle requires. Ask the children in Congo about cobalt mining
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    Well, it's been a while... but mentioning pulling off pieces at low altitudes.... Back "in the Day" at Scare-Us-Valley in the early mornings with the cloud ceiling around 3 to 3,5K and no holes.. Bob Webb would get on the Mike and say he'd take a load to the cloud base f anyone wanted... Well "GOOD FUN" we called them TORPEDO RUN'S!!! the Otter throttles Ballz2Dwall and above the DZ we'd Launch.. Donuts, Diamonds, Rounds .. trying to "Frisby launch" the piece!! We'd get a good 10 to 15 seconds and a couple of points!!! Did I say "GOOD FUN!!!" .. The Best of times!!! foto: anybody remember this place?? Note!!: no Rock Crushing plant in the background and YOU may be in the foto .. if yer' old enough!!!! skybill
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    Scary to today's jumper's.... have to check my log's .. think it was March of '66 me, Don McQuattie and Pat Larkin's did a "Double Baton Pass!!!! My friend Jim Day .. an aspiring Photographer was at the DZ and shot me under canopy!! YUP a "7-TU!! 28' C-9!!" .... OH yes... Check out our Altimeter's!!!!! skybill SCR-2034, SCS-680
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