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    Reflex! Anyone have one of those old rigs no longer in use? I need the cap that covers the reserve pop-top; mine came off in freefall recently. If you’re willing to part with it or the rig please contact me. I don't care about colors! Thanks!
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    Evening, Jerry. I'm pretty much done with this topic. He's going to continue to defend his thread topic. Have a good week. Keith
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    "Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing can be changed until it is faced." ~James Baldwin
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    Just think twice before sending. Pretend your mother is going to read the forum and act accordingly.
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    Dear BIGUN, Thanks for the recommendation ... but it has been more than a decade since I sewed a replacement cosmetic cap for a Reflex. Actually, it is more than a cosmetic cap because it protects the Cypres loop. I started by laying a tape measure over the fiberglass cap, then adding a little (0.12 or 0.5 inches) for the binding tape. I forget how many layers of fabric are in a Reflex cap: Cordura, foam, ballistic and ? I would need to look at an original to confirm the number of layers. I sewed them together around the circumference, but allowed thread tension to shrink the perimeter. Then I sewed on the channel for the elastic cord. Then I bound the edge and finished binding with the same trick as Javelin pilot chute caps: diagonal end .... The last step was installing the bungee cord (cloth wrapped around rubber for North Americans). I used the same style of bungee cord as is used in free-bags. My first bungee cord was too long and it blew off in freefall, so I made the second cap with an even shorter bungee cord. The second cap lasted a few years.
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    I don't think it is the real Marla.. Did the trolls stop after the last time you got an event canceled, NO, they increased and your reputation took a big hit.. This is a losing move anyway it plays out. If you are willing to potentially ruin an event for people who have nothing to do with that troll.. then only you will be held responsible for your actions. Your vengeance is misguided and it will backfire.
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    I am seriously shooting from the hip here, but here goes . . . You might send RiggerMick a PM (he designed the Reflex) and see if he can help - https://www.dropzone.com/profile/8349-riggermick/ You might also try to get in touch with Dave Singer of Peregrine to see if he'd manufacturer you one: https://peregrinemfginc.com/contact-us/ Finally, you might also send a PM to RiggerRob for a directional steer: https://www.dropzone.com/profile/569-riggerrob/
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