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    This is why taking a knee during the anthem is such a disgrace.
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    In what time period did the person in question make the 30 skydives? There is difference in getting recurrent after 40 days for someone with 30 skydives all made in 2 months and 30 skydives made over 3 years.
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    RSL is a lanyard connecting one of the main risers and reserve ripcord (and MARD if it's there). Once the reserve canopy is open, RSL doesn't have any function, but it still exists connected to the main riser. In case you have two canopies out and decide to cutaway the main, you will still have a lanyard dangling from the main riser which can get caught in something (for example, it could whip and wrap around the reserve risers). Disconnecting it reduces/removes the chances for this.
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    The Mob is the one that's organized, that's how you tell the difference
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    Some areas I thought it could serve purpose. -Exits with multiple newer jumpers - Can maybe see what went right or wrong amongst the group and evaluate what it took to get stable. -Landings - Would have a POV of your entire landing pattern and landing. Might help if you're wondering why a landing was hot/rocky/hard/etc. Might help with precision landings as you'd have visual references of where you were throughout the pattern. -Malfunctions - You typically look up at your canopy to check that it's there and square. If it's not, your glasses cam would likely pick up what you saw so you can evaluate what options you might have had to fix it for future instances. Maybe you chopped at 3.5k and really you should have pumped the brakes first. Easy too see and learn from it you have the video.
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    Valid point. Then my post should generally cover this situation...but I'm assuming at least an A license under USPA standards.
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    It's called "Removable Deployment System" commonly referred to as RDS. After deployment, slider, dbag and pc don't have any function. Removing them increases the canopy performance by reducing drag. Not having the PC dangling behind the canopy is also useful if you're doing any CRW, so that noone can get caught up in it (though CRW canopies have other solutions for that). There is also an "in-between" solution where only the slider is removable while the dbag and pc stay attached. It's generally useless for large and slow canopies and only becomes important when you're going high performance (drag increases with velocity squared).
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    Didn't we cover this before? Just ask them who won the election.
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    I am not sure that the fact that we have spring loaded PCs for reserves is a good argument for defending them for mains. Reserves are special in a few ways: - AADs need to be able to activate the opening sequence, so you need the spring loaded PC for that, no way around it. - They are most of the time activated after a cutaway, more often than not caused by a spinning main and activated via RSL or MARD, so the large burble created by a wingsuit or a balloon suit are simply not there. - The PC does not stay connected to the canopy. Different use cases and boundary conditions, so different solutions. I am quite sure that if wingsuiters start relying on spring loaded PCs we'd start seeing soon a lot of videos of PCs being sucked in their burble.
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    Yet all if those denigrating ripcord and spring loaded pilot chutes for wing suiting rely on them to save your ass when you can't get the throw out handle? Hmmm. Many wingsuiters if not going to wingsuit specific canopies are going to triathlons, spectres, original Sabres. Canopies very much like those used by students with ripcords still at some dzs and for many years before most moved to throw outs for students. These canopies may not be as fast with a pc dragging, but also for a couple of decades we didn't have or didn't routinely use collapsible throw out PCs. So we were dragging an open PC on an 8ft bridle. Sounds familiar. Put the spring loaded PC on a long bridle and it would work just as well. Might there be issues with a long bridle trailing? Yeah. But no more than not finding a handle and using your last chance to live, which happens to be a ripcord.;) The main reason folks got rid of spring loaded PC's was the effort required to close the smaller containers and that it didn't look as cool. For many years we believed that the throw out still had to be visible. Belly bands, front of leg strap rear of leg strap all came before BOCs. Which was still a change in paradyme in not being able to see what opened your parachute. Is a throw out BOC best for a lot of skydiving? Sure. Maybe. Does a ripcord still work? Yep. But when we want to save our life in any situation we use a spring and a ripcord. And wingsuits with more and more rigid arms may need a thumb operated electrically released spring loaded PC. Or spring launched throw out like the T11 chest reserve? Hmmm. Rant off.
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