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    Ah, of course you're right, such a thing must be totally unique. Except... why is it so easy to buy one if they're unheard of? Seriously, it amazes me the desire you have to remain willfully ignorant of the truth so that you can make these inane arguments. And here's the other thing that applies regardless of whether gold coffins are ever used otherwise... so Floyd's family wanted to give him an ostentatious casket. So the fuck what? Seriously. What fucking impact does it have on anything else that is happening with the BLM movement that George Floyd's family like gold? What the fuck do you think it means? Why the fuck do you think it reflects how anyone else in the rest of the fucking world thinks about George Floyd? Why does it have any fucking bearing whatsoever on the righteousness or otherwise of the BLM cause, and the current wave of protest sweeping the US and beyond? In short, so his coffin is gold? Why. Do. You. Care?
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    More to the point: Trolls must troll.
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    The rigger who last packed your gear can mail you a new data card with all the info about serial numbers, etc, and the latest repack only, on it, so you'll be able to prove you're in date. You'll be missing documentation of any repairs that may have been done, but that's your only disadvantage, really. If you aren't planning to jump it before its next repack is due, you don't even need to bother with that - the next rigger will give you a new data card when they pack it.
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    My objection was to dekker's opinion that the right leaning population was anti-science, not that liberals are more receptive to several subsets of science. And there are plenty of liberal anti-vaxers and those into homeopathy - doesn't mean liberals are anti-science. And aside from climate change and stem cell research, how would a typical person's receptiveness to the other three areas really matter to society as a whole? And of the conservative/liberals that are receptive, how many are just blindly following without ever studying or truly understanding it? How many couldn't understand it even if they tried? One of the issues imo is that science is ever changing and modifying itself the more we learn, so of course there is going to be opposition to long term policy especially if it's in stark opposition to one's social/political/economic ideology.
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    I guess George Floyd is still alive then. And Eric Garner. And James brown. And Willie Ray Banks*. And Byron Williams. And... well just a shitload of people. *(Pay close attention to that one, the cop is as ignorant as you on how suffocation works.) You're right, that was an irresponsible statement. I was speaking of my own experience and it shouldn't be extrapolated. Agreed.
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    Good question quagmarian, I started skydiving the same time I started pilot ground school. I completed my pilot license over that winter, but it was a few more years before I made enough jumps to earn my first skydiving license. By then, many things like reading wind socks ... were second nature. It still baffles me why so few skydivers understand the "rules of the air" much less their nautical origins. Maybe it is just my odd learning style, but - with a bit of theory - I can quickly grasp a concept .... much quicker than months of rote learning. OTOH many skydivers have attention spans shorter than "weasels on crack" meaning that they can rarely learn more than one tiny fragment of info at one time. They need to hear the same information - from a dozen different angles - before it sinks in. Different skydivers learn by different methods. For example, I am a visual-learner who can grasp a concept from one diagram. OTOH some skydivers cannot read maps, but learn quickly when listening. There are a dozen different learning styles. Instructors are constantly challenged to find which method works best with every different student.
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    It's discipline. Skydivers are the least disciplined of all aviators.
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