World Record 2007 - What do we got?

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In the photo by jason it looks like someone is on their feet... on the end of one the wackers on the left side of the pic. can someone confirm that? And where is a list of names? or is there even a list yet?

Nobody was on there feet.

Video was on his feet.

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FAI has received the record request. As a new freeflyer-wannabe, I bow to the masters.... :^)


FAI has received the following Class G (Parachuting) record claim:
Claim number : 14750
Sub-class :G-2 (Group jumps)
General Category
Performance / Team records
Type of record : G-2-e1 : Freeflying, largest head-down formation
Course/location : Chicago, IL (USA)
Performance : 69 parachutists
Pilot : … International crew (International)
Crew : to be advised
Date :03.08.2007
Current record : 53 parachutists (29.04.2005 - International team
The details shown above are provisional. When all the evidence required
has been received and checked, the exact figures will be established and
the record ratified (if appropriate).

Marcel Meyer
FAI Executive officer


Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon

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69-Way World Record Holders!!!!

trent alkek
shaylan allmen
brandon atwood
sara bennett
rob bigley
stevie boyd, jr.
steve braff
charles bryan
jason cahill
amy chmelecki
patrick collins
sara commandeur
derek cox
steve curtis
danilo dadic
eric deren
jon devore
steve downey
travis fienhage
jim flaherty (punisher)
david gershfeld
william halsey (mx)
paul hardin
brad harris
jim harris
ton hayden
sean hennessey
trevor hill
kate hoffstetter
kirby hughes
paul jackson
darren johnson
john klueg
TJ landgren
adam leifer
matt lewis
jed lloyd
david ludvik
roberta mancino
andy malchiodi
al nadeau
rook nelson
melissa (missy) nelson
mickey nuttall
sergio ortiz (blue/azul)
dave padyjasek
scott palmer
jon pinyon
luis prinetto
jeff(ro) provenzano
javier rojas
michael russell
marshal scalisi
michael seaton
paul seccomandi
larry srpock
kyle starck
rob stewart
mike swanson
kris tangie
philippe thibodeau
marchel thimot
eli thompson
laura vago
greg west
mike wittenburg
yaron erez
alexander zohmann

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Can someone PM me the contact info for Erez (one of the guys on the jump). I lost the info and I was supposed to get ahold of him to get dome video of a malfunction I had a few weeks ago that he caught on video. He organizes at Perris at times. Thanks in advance.

Motion = Emotion

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So you all have them...here is a note from Mike Swanson....

Thanks everyone for coming out!!

Check out Norman's pic's at http://normankent.com/event_galleries.htm

Check out Brian's pic's at http://www.brianbuckland.com

Check out Jason's at http://aboveallphotography.com/

Jason's and Brian's should be up in a few days, Norman's should be up tomorrow.

see you all soon


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Nah, Travis is my man-bitch. Has been ever since he became my teammate. If Missy is calling him something else, it's because I gave permission (j/k Missy)

HEY! just because I carried your WARM PEE to the bathroom doesn't mean I am yo bitch......

or does it? :S
my power is beyond your understanding.

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