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  1. Just posted pics from the Try Outs at just enter the password 'sdctryouts' in the Clients section. ___________________________
  2. freekfly

    VRW - Update

    Very good question. I actually have been chatting with one of the admins about making a VRW / VFS section in They didn't like the idea of adding a section because of administrative purposes, but agreed that we should do something. One idea they had was to simply change the title of this section from "Freeflying" to "Freeflying / VRW" Thoughts? ___________________________
  3. freekfly

    VRW - Update

    Hello VRW Fliers! It's been a while since our last update so here are the highlights for this go around: * IPC holds Web Challenge. Deadline July 31. * USPA Nationals set for October at Spaceland. * Australia holds Nationals as 3 teams battle it out. * Skydive Elsinore holds a comp in 2 weeks, are you going? * The World Record 100 Try Outs next weekend. * Is your team heading to the Czech Republic for the World Cup? * Where will the 2010 World Parachuting Championships be? * New Media, Blue Skies Magazine, do you have a copy? IPC holds online competition with prizes The competition will run from May 1st 2009 until July 31st 2009. This is a web based, 3 round challenge. With any new discipline it is difficult for teams to gain competitive experience, and also to learn 'how to' from more experienced teams in other parts of the world. The idea of the Web Challenge is to give an opportunity to address both issues, without undue expense or travel requirements. Three rounds of competition will be posted on the FAI web site. Teams can enter as many times as they like by submitting the visual evidence of their jump onto the Challenge Web Site. Each entry will be viewed by the panel of FAI Judges, using a 'virtual' judging method co-ordinated between them, so that they replicate as closely as possible normal judging conditions. The Winning Team will receive 5 Optimas with prizes for second and third place as well. To download the 3 round draw click here. Register your team now! 2009 USPA Nationals are a go at Spaceland Everyone please take notice! The dates have been set and the format from last years Nationals has changed. VFS will be after 8-way FS and before Artistic Events. That's right, check the schedule and updates here. Registration is October 14th with the comp October 15th - 18th. Online registration should be coming shortly! Vertical Relative Work registration fees are $170 per team member. Jumps will be from 12,500 feet and are $20 each. See you there! Australian Nationals holds successful VFS competition 3 teams battle it out at the Australian Nationals. Earth Leakage takes the gold in the 6 round comp averaging 7.33 points per round! Check out the teams and scores here. Also in Australian news, members of AZ Arsenal assisted with a new Australian Vertical Record of 25 skydivers linked together headdown last month, breaking the previous record of 17 set nearly 4 years prior. Skydive Elsinore to host June VFS comp Elsinore Echelon will host the VFS competition at Skydive Elsinore on June 20th - 21st. If you have your team together, aiming at going to Nationals this year, take this opportunity to come out and get competition experience BEFORE the big meet in October. Come check it out and learn from the top VFS competitors in the area...... World Record 100 way Try Outs at Skydive Chicago Sure you can do a 4 way, but can you do a 100 way? With the World Record attempts set for Summerfest at Skydive Chicago, you can get your slot at the Try Outs June 13th - 14th being hosted by VFS team SDC Standard at Skydive Chicago. At the tryouts last month in Arizona hosted by AZ Arsenal, 74 people showed up to fight for 25 slots up for grabs. This time another 25 slots are open and will be handed out. This will be the last of the tryouts being held in the United States. Participant Registration Form to be completed by Friday June 12th at 5:00pm. Meeting in the main hanger at 8:00 am on June 13th. The goal is to do 7 jumps per day. The cost of the tryouts will be the cost of jumps plus $50. More details here. 2009 World Cup will be held at Letecka 1 in the Czech Republic The 2nd VFS World Cup will be held in Europe in the Czech Republic August 30th - Sept 6, 2009. This will be an 8 round competition. The registration will be 820€, in US Dollars that is roughly $1,150 per person. This includes all registraion fees, all competition jumps, including re-jumps and tie-breakers, 7 nights accommodation, 3 meals a day, local transport from hotel to DZ, farewell banquet and 1 training jump. So in reality, this is quite a good deal! This information and much more can be found in Bulletin 1 here. The 2010 FAI World Parachute Championships will be held in Russia It has been decided that the 2010 FAI World Parachute Championships will be held in Menzelinsk, Tatarstan, Russia from July 31st to August 6th, 2010. For more information check out the FAI website as updates occur. Announcing the latest skydiving magazine, Blue Skies Mag That's right, a new player is in town rolling out their first issue in July 2009. Made up from industry experts with their fingers on the pulse, they are an independent air sports magazine covering BASE, skydiving, ground launching, speed flying, paragliding, hang gliding and any other human-powered air sport around the globe - but mostly skydiving in the U.S. to start. Lend them a hand, add to the collection on your coffee table, keep up to date on the latest and greatest skydiving news. Subscribe now! That's it for now folks. Please send any an all contributions, events, training camps, comps to vrwteam (AT) and feel free to subscribe / unsubscribe at Get out there and train! -VRW Team ___________________________
  4. Just posted pics from the Big Way Try Outs in AZ at - Enter password 'azbigways09' in the clients section and enjoy! -Brian ___________________________
  5. Hey Everyone! Just got an update from Teams AZ Arsenal and AZ Drive. They have taken the new proposed dive pool and have flown it in the tunnel. Here is a link to the video. Also, if you'd like to voice your opinion in any manner, please feel free to reply back to vrwteam (AT) and we'll be sure to pass them on when we submit the suggested formations to the IPC on Monday. Thanks! -The VRW 4-Way Team ___________________________
  6. Hey guys, Looks like we had some late arrivals. I've just added 12 more formations to the choices, reset your ability to vote and changed it so you can select 4 of each! Please revote if you already did so. Thanks and enjoy! -Brian ___________________________
  7. Dive Pool Changes for 2009 Season, if you have ideas, now is your chance! You heard it right, the dive pool is going to be changed and expanded to help clarify some points, get rid of some other points that are hard to judge and add some new points in order to expand the dive pool. This will enable us to make competitions with 8 rounds instead of just 6 without repeaters. And this is where the IPC and the USPA wants YOUR help. That's right....YOU! If you have had an idea for a new block or random, now is your time to share with us your thoughts. Submissions can be made to: vrwteam (AT) or via Fax at +1.320.451.3999. Include your e-mail address and we will let you know that it has been received. Once we have a selection to choose from, we will send out short newsletter and have the community vote on the results. The deadline for submissions will be Dec 8, 2008 with voting soon to follow. So draw them out, take a picture, fax them in, whatever you have to do in order to get them to us and we will include them in the voting process. For more details and submission guidelines click here. Again, the deadline is a week away, so please put your ideas down on paper and submit them as soon as possible! ___________________________
  8. VFS World Cup Scores: Since omniskore is down right now.... ___________________________
  9. Hey All, Just posted pics from Summerfest: Just use the password "summerfest08" under the Clients Section. Enjoy! -Brian ___________________________
  10. Take a peak at for the results... Also, check out the next comps that are coming up: ___________________________
  11. So you all have is a note from Mike Swanson.... Thanks everyone for coming out!! Check out Norman's pic's at Check out Brian's pic's at Check out Jason's at Jason's and Brian's should be up in a few days, Norman's should be up tomorrow. see you all soon alchemy ___________________________
  12. Looks like we're going to have a fax meet after all! Just waiting to hear back from a few teams their results and we'll be posting them over on first thing tomorrow. I know we have AT LEAST 3 teams.....hoping we hear from the 4th! I'll post a link to the scores once they are up. -Brian ___________________________
  13. No worries.....I used a PO box ___________________________
  14. You know....I was a bit bummed. I let them get to the point where they sent me the fedex and got the fraudulant checks. Then I called FedEx to have them put a hold on the account. Turns out the account was opened online just a few days prior with a phone # that didn't work and most likely will just be closed once the bill isn't paid. I was hoping to at LEAST cost them $10 in fedex charges.....but no, they screw FedEx too......oh well...lesson learned. Great last name btw..... ----- Original Message ----- From: Jessyca Gadzooks To: Brian Buckland Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2006 8:36 AM Subject: Payment ........................ Plz Today Hello Brian, sorry for gettin to you lately,i just confirmed that payment would be delievered to you today by fedex here is the tracking number ''791043343810'',pls,it is all line with my present predicament, but very importantly i will appreciate if you could CASH THE MONEY FOR ME TODAY in your BANK,i have an urgent matter arising. I just lost my sister in far away hong kong yesterday due to fibroid,leaving behind two kids,husband died couples of years back in ONTARIO and i really have to fly down to pick the kids asap .right now i'm really in a state of shock i am really disturbed now Pls i would appreciate it if you could let me have my MONEY first today as soon as you cash the check. So i want you to go and cash the check today,when you do that ,i would like for you to go to any western union point nearest to you and send me the MONEY ,after you must have deducted all the neccessary charges. I want you to send the money with this instrcution after you have cash the check. you will have to send my money to me so i can travel down to hong kong asap make first western union transaction payable to my traveling agency AT RECIEVER'S NAME ; OLAYINKA JOHNSON ADDRESS;45 GLOVER ROAD ,LAGOS NIGERIA 23401 AMOUNT$2900 And the remaining balance to my shipping company at.................... RECIEVER'S NAME :OLUWASEYI SOMOYE ADDRESS; 75,CLEGGS STREET,LAGOS NIGERIA 2340 BR>After you must have sent the money i would require for you to send me the following information that you must have gathered at WESTERN UNION ,they are NAME AND ADDRESS OF SENDER THE TEST QUESTION AND ANSWER AND THE MTCN# TO BE PROVIDED TO YOU ON THE RECEIPT AFTER TRANSFER. I was made to understand that you are to pay some charges at WESTERN UNION ,pls you can deduct the fees from my balance. deduct all cost of wiring at the WESTERN UNION from the fund. Please if there is anyother information that you require,pls do not hesitate to let me know.I would be hoping that you get this mail on time today so that you would probably help me to send the funds today. Regards, Jessyca. ___________________________
  15. I'm thrilled to see a VRW update in the RW forum. It fits. Thanks, that's why I posted this here. After all, what we are doing is Relative Work. I wanted to make sure that the traditional RW world knows that the majority of the freefly community has been itching for more structure and more "black and white" judging. As the US Artistic Events team manager for '04 and '06, the biggest complaint I got was judging and how things would change from one jump to the next. VRW makes is simple. Were all of the grips on video, yes/no, next point. And yes, we are also NOT trying to re-invent the wheel, lots of RW coaches should be VERY excited about this as your potential customer base has just been drastically increased. Learn the VRW dive pool and you can get a LOT more business....... Just my $0.02.... ___________________________