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  1. Dude, if you still have the Pantz around and they are in some kind of airworthy condition, I´m willing to swap them for coordinates of handful of very secret and exclusive SD jumps around CH! Contact me for details! :D
  2. I helped a friend to order her PF Shadow, the order form was sent to PF on 12th of May. The reply was that the lead times is around 6weeks. Today I got a msg from Edo that UPS is trying to get in touch with the customer to set the delivery and the suit has already been in country for 2 days. So that´s 4,5 weeks of delivery time during the prime season here in Europe.
  3. Of course, the next argument is what is a "lightly loaded canopy"...
  4. Given that you´re actually no spring chicken anymore, one cannot but wonder to which one of the categories above are you putting yourself in? :D
  5. What are you guys talking about? We all know that 7:1 has been done already 8 years ago!
  6. Yeah... I mean seriously Jarno... The good doctor has been flying Vampires off the cliff way before you have so maybe just drop down the sucker punch act a bit and show some professionalism. We all know the guy flies those Squirrels nowadays, probably because a) the guy who makes them and most of his test pilots are his good friends and b) he probably likes the f*cking suits! But even though he is teamed up with the evil empire, the guy had a legit question. So maybe just suck it up and give a legit answer. Without the small print and mandatory punch to the groin.
  7. I´ll try to give you scientific reference to your interest towards but holes. (Hahahaha...) No, seriously. I don't know how this translates to WS´s and Robi for sure is the person to comment on that but there is an interesting article written here which has some quite detailed stuff about stability of a round parachute with different sized apex vent. There is a lot of science in that which I don´t understand but one of the conclusions say : Finally, the experiments show that the parachute begins oscillating when the Reynolds numbers exceed a certain critical value, which is different for different vent ratios. This would imply that every case has a stable and unstable region. As the vent ratio increases, the oscillations would occur at higher Reynolds numbers.. Like I said, I don´t know how well this relates into WS´s as the aerodynamics of a WS guess differs quite dramatically from the one of a round parachute.
  8. Doesn´t look like the older venom had it either : Maybe couple of cardiovascular bypasses or some other hard core surgery would do the trick? Definitely more productive than arguing over some bullshit at dorkzone with other retards. :D
  9. In the introduction video (around 3:08 on the vid) of the V5 and the Viper, Edo mentions that the hole "adds lateral stability of the suit". Add here a totally made up fact on your preferred suit or totally irrational claim on the performance/safety/lead time of suit you are not flying for brand war purposes.
  10. I also remember hearing that a certain finnish character who has some experience with jet engines as well was working on a design which used an air compressor to pressurize the wings before exit. Not sure if he ever test jumped it though.
  11. I think you boys should go and fuck each other. While wearing those Squirrels and the doc could simultaneously pull out some foreign objects out from your anal cavities. Even I have to say, that is a very powerful image indeed.
  13. 1) What problem is it fixing? It is fixing the problem of our friends dying as they cannot find / pull their PC on a WS BASE jump. Personally, I see 0 use for this system in skydiving but it is an interesting idea for WS BASE. I do agree, however, with the doctor that the suit design has gone a long way to fix this issue, what I have heard is that in the modern suits finding the PC from the BOC is very easy. Personally I would be quite reserved in using such system even in BASE environment as I agree that it adds significant complexity to the deployment system. Still, I think it is a cool idea to play with and I do think that such ideas drive innovation of the suits towards safety. We have lost too many friends on pull related issues in BASE and I know quite an amount of others who have had close calls or otherwise unpleasant time in the air whilst searching for the PC (myself included). Do I think this will ever be implemented in a commercially available mass product suit? No. Do I think it is a cool idea to try out and "think outside of the box"? Absolutely.
  14. Although the Cruise might be an awesome suit (never flown it), the keyword (again) here is "right hands". A certain russian opened from the same cliff high above the landing area with a prodigy1 years ago and people who really suck in a big suit cannot make it there today. So you could rightfully say as well that the Prodigy in right hands outperforms some of the modern ws designs. :) Hats off to the frenchies though, that is some very impressive tracking regardless of the suit used!
  15. As long as you are talking about skydiving I would even go as far as saying that getting a tracking suit is waste of money as there are perfectly good beginner WS´s around and doing tracking / angle dives in tracking suit just doesn´t work (as no one else is flying tracking suits on those anyway). If you wish to venture in some point in your career to BASE, I would say the story is completely different. Although the transition from WS skydiving directly to WS base jumping has been made successfully (and is being done even more and more), personally I do consider base tracking skills (in a modern tracking suit) an essential tool to have in any BASE jumpers arsenal. And doing a season or two in tracking suit will prepare you very well for your WS base career if that´s a direction you want to go.