Jump / Cutaway Ratio Poll

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Thought it would be cool to take an accurate cutaway to jump number poll for us here at DZ.COM. Please help us get an accurate ratio by adding your info.

Steps are:

Step 1. Add (Your total jump number) to the ("Total Jumps) in the post immediately before you.

Step 2. Add (Your total cutaways) to the (Total Cutaways) in the post immediately before you.

Step 3. Divide the two for the current average and write the current average

Step 4. Help keep it going...


Total Jump Numbers = 5800 (my jumps) + 0 (total jumps of everyone so far) = 5800

Total Cutaways = 0 (my cutaways) + 0 (total cutaways of everyone so far) = 0

Jump / Cutaway Ratio So Far = 5800 / 0

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6+0 (no cutaways)=6

11700/6= 1950

Edited for the skipped person...

12250/7= 1750

13550 + 1521 = 15071
10+0 (have 3 intentional but no real ones) = 10
15071/10= 1507

Edited: cause OZZY13 beat me to it, and lowered the average!!;)

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airtwardo and diablo are to blame. :D what's up with them ratios bros?

I pack like I drive....I'm all over the freakin' place!:ph34r:


Somebody might wanna go through these numbers...Diablo's total jumps is added to the total above mine, not to mine....his reserve rides are added in right.

I'd do it but i ain't no good at the fancy book learnin' stuff!

~ If you choke a Smurf, what color does it turn? ~

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