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  1. And I have a Stiletto 135 with 800 jumps that had a Mr.Bill mal and now has w ripped center cell and only half the lines. I'm thinking its done...And for those who ask I am still waiting on the video. SKYDIVING = HAPPY
  2. C2 AFF Demo rating LOTS OF TANDEMS Enjoy every minute SKYDIVING = HAPPY
  3. Magnetic or some type of GPS device that activates after you tear your handles risers fall away from your harness. Your DZ can have one locating unit that will show you where your handles/ canopy landed SKYDIVING = HAPPY
  4. Round reserve didnt inflate. The reserve PC was resting on top of my main slider... SKYDIVING = HAPPY
  5. Your missing the most important point... EDMONTON is getting HOT CHEERLEADERS in skimpy cloths walking around a cold arena! Thats alright in my books! SKYDIVING = HAPPY
  6. It does not take a genius to know that a guy that is so wound tight that he can't breathe in freefall is in over his head and should not be given more complex/dangerous tasks till he is comfortable enough with the basic ones. I guess some people are just more interested in the students money than the students safety. So I guess we should stop the first jump course too then eh Ron? Most first jumpers are scared too. Give your head a shake. SKYDIVING = HAPPY
  7. If your canadian, use CAA travel insurance... SKYDIVING = HAPPY
  8. Whatever you do...DONT FEX EX, just regular mail. Fex Ex and similar charges you alot to bring it across the border. SKYDIVING = HAPPY
  9. I have the work bordem blues... Internet is somewhat censored, looking for fun. Any ideas? SKYDIVING = HAPPY
  10. Anyone have a clue who I should pick?? Who will be the top 10 players in this tournament? Free pullup cord if you are right on all 10! SKYDIVING = HAPPY
  11. 46598 + 500 = 47098 80 + 1 = 81 81 / 47098 = 0.0017198182513057879315469871332116 or .17% SKYDIVING = HAPPY
  12. 1 chop/1 reserve ALSO: 1 - 2 out where the round reserve didnt inflate SKYDIVING = HAPPY
  13. QuoteThat brings us to "lane jumpers" people who jump from one lane to the other every two seconds in heavy traffic cause they think the other lane is actually going to get them somewhere faster.Quote These stupid ass people cause the "lane jumpers" -->"I'll stick with the speed limit, thank you. If you don't like it, go around me." ~unlawful driver SKYDIVING = HAPPY
  14. If you think that way you better quit skydiving... Better not take the chance...Wuss SKYDIVING = HAPPY