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  1. Hey fella :) If it's any consolation to you I'm in the EXACT same position as yourself!!....I have relaxing issues and have failed levels on my AFF and I'm stuck at level 6!! which I have failed twice due to going into a pinwheel spin which I really didn't want to do....I could see my instructor giving me the relaxing signs and I was REALLY trying but he had to grab me!!...dude I was LIVID and very annoyed with myself not relaxing even though he tells me all the time to 'relax' I'm right with you when you're on a creeper and you arch my instructors say my arch is great as like yourself you have you tense up to hold that on the ground so I do the same in the air!!.....I've have some wind tunnel coaching which has indeed helped but I still need more to be more stable and happy in myself I'm can you arch your body and relax??...if I knew which musscle groups which were tense I'd sort them out!! hahaha!!
  2. Nice one dude! I just got back from USA (Lake Elsinore) to do my AFF.....I couldn't believe the bloody weather it was terrible!..effing typical!...but cant plan only got to do 3 jumps (level 3).....I have 'relaxing' issues I need to address...LOL. One of the best holidays of my life! Hooked totally!
  3. LOL!!...Great thread! I'm sure there must be one in there to do with flaps and pins!....I just wish I was more quick witted!
  4. I'm British and live in UK, doing my AFF in USA.....just trying to find a company that will insure me. Thanks loads for all input
  5. Hi ya, I wonder if any of you guys and girls can recomend me a good travel insurance which includes public liability?? I usually use Dogtag for all my adventure sports but for skydiving it doesn't come with public liability. The cost isn't my main concern I need it to pay out is more important to me and it's a recognised company. So if there is a UK company who can cover me for the lot for 10 days in the USA for this is what I'm looking for. Cheers Blue skies
  6. Is that you on your avatar??...WOW, you are a hottie
  7. Cheers za_skydiver........will try to make the 26th of this month then
  8. Hey guys and girls....from the Wembley area.....just done my firsl S/L jump on sunday and loved it!!....still buzzing now.... I jumped at The London Parachute School in Lewknor in Oxford. Wanna hook up with other experianced skydivers
  9. Thank''ve defo given me a nice confidence boost to carry on
  10. I'm from London UK......I jumped from a DZ near to Oxford.....closest DZ to me....I can drive to it on 30 mins
  11. Hi airkid!.....cheers for forum lesson
  12. Hi all, Just saying hello to you all. Did my first static line jump yesterday afternoon (June 10th) and i'm still buzzing now!!.....I was giggling like a kid all the way down!....I absolutley loved it!!....I had some twists which I was worried about even before I jumped but glad really I had them on my first jump as they were well easy to kick out and now feel loads more at ease with them. I was even more chuffed when my instructor wrote on my log card "good all the way" I messed up my landing though by flaring a bit late Wanna jump again