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  1. I haven't decided if I'm coming out tomorrow or Wednesday, Just have a bunch of stuff to get done over the next couple weeks. "Damn you Gravity, you win again"
  2. What size is the canopy? I think [hope] you might be doing it backwards... WL is Weight/Canopy Size... ETA, Seems I was too slow with comment and you already corrected yourself. But I'll leave it up anyways lol "Damn you Gravity, you win again"
  3. Wing loading is a mathematical formula that only involves size and weight... The desired wing loading is dependent on the canopy and the pilot. So to answer your second question... it depends. Do you want the new canopy's flight characteristics to be as similar to the old one as possible? ETA: Damn I was slow typing that... "Damn you Gravity, you win again"
  4. Geez, that new taxi way really cut down the size of Ogden's landing area... Back when I was a student I needed the whole thing "Damn you Gravity, you win again"
  5. $55 for membership renewal and a single $30 fee to cover all instructional ratings. "Damn you Gravity, you win again"
  6. I'm more interested in hearing about how the 3ring was mis-rigged? "Damn you Gravity, you win again"
  7. He probably thought "Hexagon" means curing a magical curse. It's funny how many people are dumbfounded by things that should be common knowledge. As I sat in my daughter's science classroom on Parents' Night at her junior high, I was dismayed to hear a parent ask that her child not be required to memorize any chemical formulas. God forbid your child should actually work at learning something. Well you covered the first two, what does the third one mean then? "Damn you Gravity, you win again"
  8. That was the point of my post... Scott claims that this wasn't the case. I'll look for myself before claiming otherwise... "Damn you Gravity, you win again"
  9. Going by the name American Skydiving Network... kinda funny that there isn't one for Arizona "Damn you Gravity, you win again"
  10. Harmless

    24 is over...

    Glad I'm not the only one who thought that... "Damn you Gravity, you win again"
  11. Yeah, both mine and a friends rig were safe, they made off with TVs, laptops, video game systems, professional mechanics tools, and some cash... "Damn you Gravity, you win again"
  12. Well they are both true for me... they got me for about $10,000 today "Damn you Gravity, you win again"
  13. You walk in your house after work to find thousands of dollars of electronics missing from your living room and the house rummaged through. And your first thought after you realize that you've been robbed is to run into the bedroom and check to make sure that they didn't take the rigs... "Damn you Gravity, you win again"
  14. So Mister RD... how about pointing out which is good and which is bad for everyone to see? "Damn you Gravity, you win again"