730 jumps in 2006

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Sorry but 420 has already been taken. Of course.
Here's where we're currently at. People, if you wanna guess choose a number that ain't already below.

User Name # guess

eb66to77 731
Mikki_ZH 729
gweeks 1000
Chizazz 756
flr169 769
JaapSuter 666
base587 1001
ChrisHall 600
Sean621 621
lifewithoutanet 830
Faber 850
crazydave44 744
avenfoto 1100
yexotay 454
LouYoung 800
dploi 1250
flite 740
87SupraT 901
nicrussell 698
PeteS 425
n23x 705
freeatlast 750
freeflynick 797
cesslon 512
crimpfiend 777
rjgill 689
aidclimber 911
littlestranger 420
sherm-dawg 800
dbrutherford 701
shunkka 590

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UMM... yeah i will take 562. a hell of a year and about a hundy more than he did this year.

Clif... you are copying jimmy H, by giving away gear for a contest, except your item is worth much less than a fox tarp, maybe a more suitable dorkzone name for you would be clifhuckenstien.

miles has a life time pass to my bridge (a site named the IB perrine memorial bridge in Twin falls idaho AKA "jt's bridge") he is truly keen and able STOP HATING!!

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Whats a matter Tom Aiello?

cant even post a simple guess in the sake of fun?

I noticed that you didnt even show your face or any help in Miles' world record...

you tout yourself as being an involved leader type but you didnt even participate in Twin Falls' most notable base jumping session in history, not a pack job or a hike out or an interview.

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It's time for someone to be banned permanently.

And once JTHolmes is banned permanently, calling him an idiot here would not be a personal attack by the forum rules, right ? ;) Until then, i would like to kindly express my displeasure with his questionable ethics.



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and I'll bet both of you a serving of buffalo chips that I don't care how many jumps Miles does this year, where he does them, if he packs for himself, or not at all... B|

I would like to do some jumps with him this year too and with you, Tom, and even that weird english guy skreamer....

I never thought I'd be the one making this type of bleeding heart tree hugger statement, but why can't we all just get along?

not too sure I want to jump with Clif, though, I've seen him try to kill Miles at least once....


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Unpacked jumps ... reminds me of this conversation:

Miles: So do you have any terminal jumps?
Me: Yes *smile*
Miles: Very good, and your friends?
Me: Yes, no worries ... we are Scandinavians *smile*

Thanks again for the jump Miles, we just thought that question was a little bit funny. It is good to make sure with people you do not know, I agree.

Swedish BASE Team

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I go skiing (tore the shit out of it by the way cuz I'm so dam good) all morning and come back to see that I've missed out on all kinds of fun here. Didn't even get to read JT stuff before he got banned. Fuck. Just have to ask him what he said. I bet it was really funny and disrespectful as hell. I see a couple panties are slightly bunched.
BTW I try to kill Miles every time I see him. Well, unless he's not trying to kill me that is.
Hey Yuri, wingsuit jumps are not base jumps. Too much forward speed, not enough free fall. Doesn't count.
Now everyone shut up and give me some more votes on Miles for 2006.

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I'm so glad JT finally got permanently banned, that dude is such a loser. This forum will be sooo much better now. JT sucks, haha.

I'm pretty sure he only gave Miles 562 because Miles took the bridge back. That's right, I heard it from Miles himself, he took JT's Bridge, It's now Miles D's Bridge. He's the world's most famous BASE jumper in the world.

Looks like things are going down hill for JT, first he loses his bridge and now he's banned from the internet. Haha.

Put me down for 737. Cliff you taking side bets? I'll bet you two bucks Miles gets his 730.


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