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  1. Quote maybe a more suitable dorkzone name for you would be clifhuckenstien. reply] Oh, and anybody that's not a total idiot(JT) would know that your true name is Cliff Huckheimer. haha JT is banned from the internet. Othar
  2. I'm so glad JT finally got permanently banned, that dude is such a loser. This forum will be sooo much better now. JT sucks, haha. I'm pretty sure he only gave Miles 562 because Miles took the bridge back. That's right, I heard it from Miles himself, he took JT's Bridge, It's now Miles D's Bridge. He's the world's most famous BASE jumper in the world. Looks like things are going down hill for JT, first he loses his bridge and now he's banned from the internet. Haha. Put me down for 737. Cliff you taking side bets? I'll bet you two bucks Miles gets his 730. Othar
  3. 587 & SabreDave, By now you should know the rules of this forum- it's strictly taboo to say anything positive about Red Bull or their athletes. Please edit your posts accordingly. Happy Hucking- Othar
  4. Forum search found this- http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=368808#368808 Starting to smell like turd slinging in here. Isn't the internet fun? Happy hucking-OJ
  5. Hi Tree, Thanks for setting the record straight on all this, it's been a really big help for me. I think I was confused before but now that I know Miles, Red Bull, and learning to BASE jump with paragliding experience are bad I will try to die in my sleep tonight because I am closely involved with all three. My simpleton paraglider brain would have never made the conection that Red Bull was responsible for that janitors emotional health. Gosh, it has me wondering what other bad things RB is responsible for but I guess I won't have to wonder because you'll point it out to me. Also, thanks for setting the record straight on Cliff H. By your rational I guess you probably aren't a real BASE jumper either. Othar Lawrence edit to remove PA's ~TA
  6. Well after all the discussion of paraglider pilots learning to base jump it seemed like we should do some further testing to make sure it was legit. checkout http://www.ojinternational.com/video.htm click "Dog Food BASE" Test subject 1 is a bag of "Atta Boy" dog food. Test subject 2 is paraglider pilot. Both are in the same First Jump Course(FJC). Both subjects stuck the shit out of it. Some might argue that the PG pilot did better than the sack of dog food because he had a nice soft landing in the LZ, whereas the dogfood landed in the water. You decide. My personal opinion is that if a bag of dog food can make a successful jump off the bridge I'm confident a PG pilot will do just fine. Happy Hucking, Othar
  7. Faber- Did you have any BASE jumping experience before you jumped off your first object? hmm... something about the pot calling the kettle black comes to mind...
  8. Oh, come on you guys. Would you all be BASE jumping in the first place if you weren't at least a little bit open minded? Let's not start slamming the guy until we see what and how he's teaching. Yes, I came from the dark side of paragliding, Miles and some of the other evil RB dudes taught me how. Did they teach me how to pack, site evaluation, risk analysis/management site maintnance/ preservation, how to safely continue the experience, and how to work within the BASE community to ensure I don't piss people off? Yes to all. Have I had a successfull BASE career in terms of safety, not pissing people off and being a good ambasador to the sport. I think yes, but I guess I should let you all judge. Am I the only paraglider pilot that has learned to BASE jump in this way? Definately not. Are the others that have learned this way continuing their BASE careers in a reponsible maner? 100% Regarding the skills a PG pilot has and how it relates to base the discussion is here, http://www.blincmagazine.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22444 Of course my personal take on it is the skills of a PG pilot are more than adaquite for learning to jump off of a bridge like the one mentioned. Are those skills adequeate for all BASE jumps? Certainly not. Is part of the continuing education for BASE jumping getting the necessary long/ terminal freefall skills by learning how to jump out of an aircraft? Yes. Have I done that? Yes. Have the other PG to BASE cross overs done that? Yes. ***AGAIN, no experience is necessary for the towing, motoring or BASE Jumping....*** The poster of this meant no prior paraglider towing, paramotoring, or BASE jumping experience necessary. This is a course that is designed for experienced paraglider pilots and they will be able to learn the skills of paraglider towing, paramotoring and an introduction to BASE jumping. Happy Hucking, Othar
  9. I think I know what post/thread(the one with a lot of turd slinging?) you are referring to, I think there was a reference made to me on that post. I've been paragliding for over 10yrs and started doing the BASE thing a few years ago. Paragliding has probably been more valuable to me than skydiving with respect to learning how to base jump. Paragliding is all about canopy flight, dealing with malfunctions, judging glide angle, and landing in horrible places. Take your typical day out- first you try to figure out what the wind is doing(at altitude, at launch, and if you know where you’re landing, there too). Then you launch into some great unknown with a big canopy and the whole goal is to read the wind properly so 1. you don’t find yourself in some horrendous place where you will crash and 2. so you can stay aloft as long as possible which means you will probably have no idea where you will land. So you spend the majority of the flight trying not to get deflations(read: malfunctions) then once you do get a deflation(malfunction) you deal with it as expeditiously as possible. More often than not these malfunctions happen when you are close to the ground(think off heading opening on a solid object) so the muscle memory and awareness to deal with critical situations is already there. If you’ve managed to go cross country you’re probably going to be landing in a place you’ve never landed before surrounded by all sorts of obstacles. This means that you have to be very quick in deciding what the wind is doing and how to make a good approach into a real tight landing area. An average intermediate PG pilot has a few hundred hours of airtime dealing with all of the above(malfunctions, potential object strikes, new unpredictable landing areas…) How many hours does an Expert BASE jumper have? Not even a fraction of that. I’ve watched a handful of paraglider pilots stick the crap out of their first BASE jumps with no skydiving experience. Don’t get me wrong, skydiving experience has it’s place in the BASE world, I firmly believe that. However, I think it’s perfectly safe for a heads up PG pilot to make the transition to BASE jumping at places like TF. I also know that anybody who is teaching these pg/base crossovers is firmly advocating getting skydive experience before the students go on to objects with any kind of delay. Othar