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  1. As you can see there are different schools of thought. I personally enjoy and open face helmet because I love the rush of wind in my face others like the quietness of fullface. The one thing that I don't think has been mentioned in this thread is the fact that skydiving helmets are not really good for much. Yeah, they can help if you catch a foot in the face and for those minor impacts they work fine but you pay alot of money for very little real protection. Next time you are at the DZ have a look at these helmets and you will see a lack of impact/crush foam. This is what protects your brain when you take a real hit. Skydiving helmets tend to provide a false sense of security because very few people realize these "helmets" are built to no crash standard whatsoever. Hit the ground hard and almost all the energy will be transferred to your head via the helmet shell. For less money than most skydiving helmets you can get real protection and if need be still look cool at the DZ. My open face is similar to this... It is a ski helmet that is very comfortable and I use it for skydiving, skiing and BASE. If you wore it all day it would be warm but for 2 or 3 minutes at a time you will never notice. If you are looking for a fullface look to the European manufacturers. Helmets designed for airsports over there must meet CE EN 966 standards so you know you are at least getting some REAL protection. Here is a sweet fullface.... and more lids here... and one more Helmets should protect our brains and not just from a bump that may have resulted in a fat lip. Welcome to the sky! Have fun and be safe.......... SabreDave
  2. So you are a whuffo when it comes to other sports!? SabreDave
  3. But where do ya mount the cameras??
  4. Question for ALL helmet manufacturers..... You guys build these fancy ass helmets with well built and thought out camera platforms yet they are are only slightly better than a frap hat when it comes to protecting the head from real injury!! For fuck's sake, when is someone going to build a real helmet that will offer real protection? All the carbon fibre in the world doesn't mean shit unless you have some crush foam or something to ABSORB the energy. I have seen time and time again, people ending up with a concussion or much worse because they were wearing some $500 skydiving helmet. A $130 Giro ski racing helmet is absolutely superior to any of the Boneheads I have ever seen for providing vital brain protection. Is it really too hard or is it that no one really gives a shit about anything other than making some money? I see them all over BASE now too which just makes me shake my head. Better off wearing nothing so there is no false sense of security....... SabreDave
  5. Did these clowns actually edit your sig line?!! SabreDave
  6. Crew is so 90's.......... SabreDave
  7. if you´ll be #113 RIP HAHAHAHA good one!! Glad to see you are getting into the spirit! SabreDave
  8. A search for "BASE numbers" returned over 1,000 hits. Forums: Search Results Your search for BASE numbers returned 1010 results in 0.806s. It's all there SabreDave
  9. OK, fair enough. I know from personal experience what it is like to watch someone you love die from high speed impact with the earth and yes it does suck the proverbial goat's ass but I still choose to laugh. It is your right to not find it funny but for me it's the old laugh or cry thing. I have cried and I am done with that part (almost) so I choose to laugh. It wasn't a person they put there it was an acronym. More than a few thought it was Jimmy on Holliday but #113 was just in reference to the HIDGAF attitude he promotes. I guess as usual, some will see humour and some will see bad juju. Peace out Jason and I am sorry you have have been witness to that twice! It is the very unfortunate side of what BASE is as you are obviously aware of. If I crater in, I truly hope when my friends have done some crying that they can then laugh about it, about me, about who I was. I still have some internal struggle with the knowledge that BASE is something where I have and will continue to meet the coolest, friendliest, most life-loving, honest and open people around. Many jumpers that I have met made an impact on my life and i know that death will continue to snatch them away, sucks ass but I/we must try to accept that or it will crush our souls and maybe our sense of humour..... SabreDave
  10. Jason, is this because you do not have a sense of humour? I don't think it was meant to be serious, it was a joke and it was friggin funny! Holly, don't take it toooo seriously, again, I don't think it was going to be left there and it was funny, a joke and quite fitting at the time! I dare say that those few on the list I know would have chuckled and probably still are.... TwoCents hit it on the head, what happened to the fun?! When did BASE jumpers get to be whiny wuffos on par with skydivers??!! Yes, I still skydive but seriously. Now everyone try with me.................HAHAHAHAHAHA Carry on..... SabreDave
  11. Two bottles of tequila, 3 hookers, a donkey and a rubber suit sent! SabreDave