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  1. This. Yes, as a woman online dating you could go out with a different guy every night and never have to repeat, but, honestly? Given the options? I'd rather hang with my puppy and watch TV. Having said that, I'm going to a friend's wedding next month who met her husband on match less than a year ago. So some people do make it work. But she was driven about the whole thing. I am not.
  2. This. I find that the first three dates or so I'm trying to figure out if we're compatible and the guy's trying to figure out if we're going to have sex or not. And agreed, Nataly, it makes dating very frustrating because it puts all the burden of rejection on the woman. (Or at least that's how it feels to me...)
  3. My advice: It's better to start at the bottom and work your way up to where you want to be than to sit at home on your parents' couch waiting for someone to bestow upon you your dream job. While you're waiting, all those people who weren't too proud to start in that job that's beneath you are working their way into viable careers and incomes that you'll one day envy.
  4. Muffie

    The Expert

    I love that video. It's actually become an inside joke on the project I'm on. We're currently at the kitten stage.
  5. Good for you. Glad you were able to find a dz where you can continue to be a TM and that your family has stood by you.
  6. Just to add to the multiple cards idea: I usually bring two brands of credit card. So, MC and Visa or MC and Amex. It hasn't happened in years, but on a trip to Spain over a decade ago I ended up in a small town that had never heard of Visa, but did take MC. Also helps if one cards gets cancelled or denied. On my recent road trip from Colorado to Canada they blocked my card for a $5 transaction at McDonald's in Vancouver. Fortunately, no need to panic since I had multiple cards with me. Also, carry at least a little cash at all times for the same reason. I hide it in multiple places throughout my baggage. $20 here, $20 there. That way if someone takes my purse I have something somewhere.
  7. I did! Thanks for the advice and thanks for asking how it went. Left CO December 28th, made it to DC on January 1st. Trip went without a single problem. Weather was clear, pup was absolutely awesome about the whole thing. I did 70 most of the way but swung south the last day or so because I found out that all La Quinta hotels take dogs and don't charge anything extra for it. (Unlike Marriott that would've charged $75-100 non-refundable fee to clean the room at each hotel.) So, ended up staying my last night in Radford, VA even though it was a little out of the way. Here's a pic of the pup the day we left.
  8. Oh yeah, absolutely possible. Just less likely than conversations about "who are you dating", "what are you doing with your life", "please tell me you aren't going to jump out of a plane again"...
  9. At least initially, try to keep your communications to e-mail or letters. It gives you time to not rise to all the usual comments that will spark a fight. Also, at least in my family, we seem capable of having whole conversations that are nothing more than (a) what's the weather like where you are and (b) what did you make for dinner last night/what are you making for dinner tonight. You get to still talk and show you care, but pretty hard to get in a fight over what the person is making themselves for dinner. (Although it's been a close call once or twice.)
  10. Nataly - That's awesome. So glad your mom reached out to you.
  11. The best thing that ever happened to my brother is that his biological dad didn't care enough to be part of his life. Let him be raised by my dad who I think significantly affected the path my brother's life took. I have a book on my shelf that my brother (a big baseball-playing jock) made for Christmas one year called "The Greatest Man I Have Ever Known." A good father is rare and amazing to have. (Which is why I would never even consider that whole "get pregnant by a friend and raise it yourself" idea in that other thread. My father was too important to my life for me to deprive any children I might have of the same experience.)
  12. Sounds like your dad was a great guy! Mine passed away close to twenty years ago and I still miss him, especially around the anniversary of his death. I can't think of any great stories like yours, although he did tell me when I turned 18 that if I ended up in jail he wasn't bailing me out until morning. (I'm sure if it had actually happened he would've been there as soon as he could.)
  13. Thanks for all the additional replies! Yep. I have some flexibility so could take longer if I run into bad weather. And currently thinking I'll do it in five hours stretches per day because of the pup. She's good in the car, but the most we've done is a couple hours. So, worst case scenario I'll just have some longer driving days towards the end to make up lost time.
  14. Thanks for the responses guys! I generally like to think about these things a lot, but not actually commit to a plan until the last minute. Sounds like that's a good idea with the shifting weather. Hoping I get a clear weather window (or that this stupid project falls through so I don't have to move in the first place) and will definitely be sure to watch out for all the yahoos on the road.
  15. I have to move for work and have a six month old puppy. Don't want her to have to travel in the cargo hold of a plane, so we're driving. (She's already 50+ pounds, so no under the seat option for us.)
  16. I know we have a few long-haul truckers on here as well as folks who've done a lot of long distance driving. Anyone have thoughts on what would be the best route to take from Colorado to DC in winter? I-70, I-80, or some other option?
  17. Thank God. Now can I comment on how atrocious the spelling was in that person's posts?? Didn't want to kick a guy while he was down, but DAMN, online dating was not going to be a good option for that guy.
  18. Honestly, I don't think most people even think about it. They're just having fun, kids come along, and ah well. I will give my buddy props for not trying to have kids with his first wife. He knew she wouldn't be a good mom, so didn't bring kids into that relationship. And I'm right there with you on the father thing. My dad was central to my life. I can't imagine being with a guy who cares more about himself than about being a good father.
  19. I had a buddy marry a woman who he didn't think would make a good mother. Resulted in a pretty crap marriage for both of them where they pretty much lived separate lives. She cheated. They got divorced. He's now remarried with two kiddos and much happier than he was in the first marriage. So, seems to me that if she wasn't mother material and that matters to you, you're better off ending it now than spending years and having it end later.
  20. Sad news. Never met him but liked reading his posts in Bonfire.
  21. +1 So sorry to hear this. Condolences to her friends and family.
  22. I went to Angkor Wat by myself in 2006 and didn't have any problems, but I was only there a couple of days and stayed at a nicer hotel. I also traveled alone in Guatemala for a week no problem, but have heard awful stories from a number of women assigned there with the Peace Corp. So, I think sometimes what matters is what environment someone is operating in. As a midwife she may be in more dangerous situations than I was as a tourist.
  23. Just wanted to repeat this point. At one time I was tracking skydiving fatalities and the reason for those fatalities. I had info from 2003 through mid-2011 in my spreadsheet. Just looked at it and 91/604 of the fatalities I had listed, or 15%, involved the plane. 85 of those involved a plane crash. Granted, probably a decent number were on takeoff where you can't do much and I know there was at least one involving testing a plane after some maintenance and at least one involving a cross-country trip from a boogie. But after looking at that data, I concluded for myself that the single most dangerous risk for me was actually from the plane crashing. And I'd bet that most guys who've got jumps in the high thousands can tell at least one story of having to bail out of a plane in less than ideal circumstances. I know I've heard a few around the bonfire. dwenline- don't fool yourself. COG issues can bring down that plane you're jumping out of easily.