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    How to start Angle flying?

    Please. No. You have no frame of reference and odds are good you will be tracking all over the place. I recently was on a team training belly jump and we had a solo free flyer who didn't know what he was doing end up opening below us and ridiculously close because he ended up traveling down jump run doing exactly what you're describing. Find someone who knows what they're doing and work with them.
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    Elastic wrist mount for Neptune 2?

    Did you ever find a solution for this one?
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    Stolen Javelin???

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SKYDIVING-JAVELIN-PARACHUTE-/151650615587?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276 clickified and added image in case listing gets deleted: [inline $_57.JPG] listing reads:
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    NWSL 2014 Meet 4

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    8 way

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    8 way

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    8 way

  10. pretty cool--congrats to everyone who put that together!
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    15 way

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    15 way sunset load

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    Skydive Chelan

    This is a great drop zone to visit if you're in the area or want to make a weekend out of it. The facilities are in great condition, and the landing area is good. The scenery is amazing under canopy--great views of the river, lake, and mountains. There are lots of things to do in the area for non-jumpers, so bring the family and spend a few days.
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    NW Skyfest 2013 Tube Jump

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    NW Skyfest 2013 Tube Jump

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    C (Murphy Flake)

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    40 seconds

    That man is an inspiration. The first time I saw that video I was blown away. That quote you highlighted is timely.
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    That "droppy" feeling

    Subjectively speaking I only recall feeling the "droppy" effect on my first non-static line jump. Having been accustomed to feeling the risers pulling on my shoulders a second or so after exiting, NOT feeling that familiar tug made it feel like falling. but that is different than what you are describing, because in the case of a s/l you are being decelerated almost immediately, so naturally free fall would feel different. ever since the only time i've gotten the droppy feeling is from jumping a helo
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    20 mph winds...eeehhh

    better to sit out questionable winds and make a currency jump a few weeks later than to break your ankle and have to sit out for weeks/months only to timeout and need to make a currency jump anyway.
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    Dubai during Xmas - DZ open??

    not to be flip but since they are an arab country, I wouldn't think most places would close for christian holidays. their website doesn't seem to have a calendar, just events, which doesn't specify. i'd just email them http://skydivedubai.ae/contact/
  21. Have you installed a chin cup on your helmet?