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  1. A sad day in the skydiving world. The copilot Chris Harrel flew for us in Tahlequah before heading to Perris. It did and has affected many other lives. One that was close to me was Rex Harper. While he did not pass on PV, he blamed himself for not being there and in the right seat. He did lose his fight in his own way and lost his life not being able to get over it.
  2. Met my wife at her job while doing my job. She is a bench jeweler and I was an electrician. The sales associates were all giggling and whispering. I knew I was in trouble. We both were in our mid to late 30's. 1 week after meeting we went on our first date. 8 weeks after that we got married. 15 years later we are still married and still act like we are playmates. She has been my best friend and a great wife.
  3. I don't have any personal experience. But with that said,a friend of mine Mike Sisemore shot many videos. If any of you older jumpers can attest, he shot some excellent early movies of skydiving, CRW and base.
  4. Pooch Pud The James Gang The Stooges Squirrel Splash
  5. Wendy, you nailed it. And by the way the only round I ever stood up was a jumbo PC.
  6. I spoke to Philip (Pooch) Crittenden today, he attended the ceremony. He was on the ground when the ashes were released. He told me it was just perfect the way the ashes streamed out and settled over the airport. Rest in Peace my brother.
  7. I thought it was Keith Eisenburg, maybe wrong. Met him at Nationals in Muskogee back in the 80's.
  8. I like the foam strapped to his butt to keep his spine from going through his skull.
  9. To be blunt, the door sucks and there is plenty obstacles to trip over on you way to the door. It is more difficult to spot unless you are letting the pilot spot for you. It is hard to launch anything out of as well as a poor idea to try. They are just a poor idea, you are better of with a 182, of course that is JMO.
  10. I stopped jumping 15 years ago with @ 2500 jumps. I will never have that many posts. I'll work on it though, I mean you have to have goals.
  11. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.
  12. Found this June 2014 when wife was job hunting.,-105.06946,3a,75y,155.99h,69.03t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1s93B4T7O00yEAAAQJOEUIow!2e0!3e2!6m1!1e1
  13. Don't up size because you think it will cool better. It will short cycle and not dehumidify very well. It needs to be properly sized using a manual J chart. It takes into consideration heat load by using Sq. feet, insulation, size of windows and other variables. Depending on where you live a dual fuel system may be a good idea. It has a heat pump with a gas furnace instead of an electric air handler. JMO don't rush do some research.
  14. This is a photo Of Mike Palmer (Slugo) and Bob Langston (Mr Bill) taken by Mike Sisemore back in the early 80's. Forgot to mention it was in Tahlequah Oklahoma.
  15. Not without criticism. ^^^^ If there was a "like" button on
  16. Not wearing a pilot rig, kind of a non issue at that point.