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  1. Hella good guy. Not the way I wanna go. Head-first for me. "Get these balls!"
  2. Wow. I wasn't even MENTIONED in the poll. I need to work on that. "Get these balls!"
  3. Tell her best friend how romantic the gift was, and how you care so deeply for your wife, that you felt that spending an exhorbitant amount of money could only fail in the light of how great your love for her is, and then, let the best friend go to work. Me? I'd have just bought guns. Oh wait, I did......... But, at least my wife is well-armed! (And I got a nice, 9mm stocking stuffer for myself! Helps with the assholes out there. You know, the ones that like to threaten your family....) "Get these balls!"
  4. Holy SHIT. That simply has to be the most awesome thing I've ever witnessed. THOSE guys have some severe SKILLS. The loops, holy crap, that is the shit, and the video production was definately worthy. Mad props. MAD props. "Get these balls!"
  5. I use your mum's panties to slow me down before I hit, usually. (I ask your dad to take them off, first, of course.) "Get these balls!"
  6. DAMN, looks like someone read the story of my life already.............. Maybe I don't need video. "Get these balls!"
  7. Dude, lol. Where in the hell did you come up with that scenario? I'm not Jeb. "Get these balls!"
  8. Still not the answers I'm looking for, there are so many really good BASE videos out there that you simply can't make money with them, which isn't my goal, anyway. I'll probably never be as good as some of the guys I've seen, but that's OK. My point in this endeavor is this: It's basically just to prove to myself that I'm still as good as I ever was, to show my kids that you really CAN do anything that you set your mind to, and that occasionally you have to break the rules to accomplish great things. I'm not looking to be a bad-ass, I have nothing to prove to anyone. To myself? Yeah, I have a LOT to prove to me. And that's who's challenge this is. Mine. Why? Not because Joe Dickhead said that I couldn't, not for style and grace, not for challenging the hospital, either, as my man up there said. Why am I doing this? So I can say that I did. And this time, I want PROOF. Back in the day? We didn't have the technology that we have today. Helmet cams? Please..... if you worked for a studio MAYBE you were that lucky. I can give you guys 75,000 other reasons, but I really need advice toward the question I posed. "Get these balls!"
  9. I just did that, thanks, and found this out: The state I was daydreaming (not planning, daydreaming) about doing this in has no laws concerning BASE jumping. At ALL! However: What I'm daydreaming about is some asshole prosecutor with a bad marriage and a severe drinking problem trying to make an example out of me, like is the usual case when it comes to stifling our personal freedoms. Now that I have a family and a great career, I'm just worried about THAT guy, if you know what I mean. I have every confidence in my skills and abilities. It's not like I've never done this (daydreamed) BEFORE. And after all, I'm not PLANNING anything, just wondering........ and daydreaming... "Get these balls!"
  10. Unfortunately, that wasn't the answer I was looking for.... "Get these balls!"
  11. So here's the deal: I have a more than a few BASE jumps under my belt (from my younger days) and thanks to a recent challenge have decided to re-engage in the sport. (I've already registered for Bridge Day again, and my wife is PISSED. AKA, VERY MAD.) So, here's the deal: I have another jump in the works, very monumental, record-breaking, even, and would like to know how long I have to keep the video under wraps before it can be used against me in a court of law. Not that I have actually PLANNED anything, just THINKING about it, if you catch my drift.... "Get these balls!"
  12. 87.5 % Scots-Irish, and 12.5% African American. (Guess that means I can Riverdance and Break Dance at the same time. Also means that I have to drink my Guiness from a 40 ounce bottle, and dump the first sip to all my dead homies.) "Get these balls!"
  13. Hey John, you're a buddy of mine, and I respect your opinions. I work for a global company, so needless to say that I work around a lot of Muslim people. You simply can't blanket ALL Muslims as being bad, dude. There are some really good people that are Muslim. That's like branding all hardcore right-wingers as meth-addicts that get sex from male hookers (Ted Haggard), or rallying behind the local abortion clinic bombers (Dan Gayman , I.E. Eric Rudolph fame) . Hate the terrorist groups. Hate them for good reason. They deserve it. Killing innocent people (or anyone in my opinion, and according to the Bible) is definately the quickest way to eternal damnation. The person I'm scared of most at work? A viet Nam Vet, worked for the Signal Corps in the Army. When my buddy asked him if he accidentally ever called in wrong coordinates in an air strike, his exact words were: "Fuck the civillians, Kill 'em all, and let God sort 'em out". Hmmmm..... Seems to me like the terrorists feel the same way. Goes both ways. Hardcore military on our side does the same stuff. Just sayin'.... A closed mind is definately a dangerous thing. "Get these balls!"
  14. Best site ever: http://www.fart-sounds.net/fart_sound_board.htm "Get these balls!"
  15. Been there, done that. Some of us can think through a low pull. Next? I'm looking for a REAL challenge. But hey, I'm CRAZY. Bonafide. Ask the Feds. They'll confirm. My profile with them extends longer than these forums. Psych Ops harassment is a past-time of mine. It's fun...... "Get these balls!"
  16. For two more days! And even that's only until I get banned again, which I'm sure I will. Opinions are like assholes, and I'm DEFINATELY an asshole. And I read the rules for this forum. Didn't post any political views here. Just a reply to a topic that was posed. Didn't talk about guns, politics (not sure whether OJ was Republican or Democrat) and no religion in there either. Just an observation of laws concerning the aforementioned prisoner. "Get these balls!"
  17. The sad thing is? If OJ had actually confessed to the murders, and he had committed them in Texas, as a "crime of passion", he may not have served any time, either.....even if he had confessed: "a defendant's excuse for committing a crime due to sudden anger or heartbreak, in order to eliminate the element of "premeditation." This usually arises in murder or attempted murder cases, when a spouse or sweetheart finds his/her "beloved" having sexual intercourse with another and shoots or stabs one or both of the coupled pair. To make this claim the defendant must have acted immediately upon the rise of passion, without the time for contemplation or allowing for "a cooling of the blood." It is sometimes called the "Law of Texas" since juries in that state are supposedly lenient to cuckolded lovers who wreak their own vengeance. The benefit of eliminating premeditation is to lessen the provable homicide to manslaughter with no death penalty and limited prison terms. An emotionally charged jury may even acquit the impassioned defendant." Sad, but true..... And let's not forget, Nicole Brown was no pillar of society: "Resnick also spoke frankly about her drug problem, acknowledging she free-based cocaine "once or twice" at Nicole Simpson's house in the weeks before the murders. " Now, I'm definately no OJ supporter, but she was using drugs in the presence of OJ's kids, sleeping with another man while they were still married, and he could qualify for the Texas law. So even if the glove DID fit, in Texas, he still would not have served any time. They were still LEGALLY married. Go Texas, setting a fine example for the rest of us, AGAIN. The last arrest? Dumbass. Dumbass. Dumbass. Need I say more? "Get these balls!"
  18. I'm just guessing, but........ His ankles? "Get these balls!"
  19. A man and his wife decide to play golf but neither is very good so they sign up for lessons. The man goes to his lesson first. The instructor says, "Show me your swing so I can evaluate you." The man swings and the instructor says, "That was good but you're holding the club too tight. Try holding it gently like you would hold your wife's breasts." The man does so and he hits the ball 250 yards! Later, the wife goes for her lesson. Again the instructor tells her to show him her swing so that he can evaluate her. She does and he says, "You're also holding the club too tight. Hold like you would hold your husband's dick." She does so and takes her swing. Then the golf instructor says, "Try it again but this time take the club out of your mouth." "Get these balls!"
  20. I'm 37. Until two-three years ago, I got carded for cigarettes. How old do I feel? Depends on the day. When I'm skydiving, I feel like I'm 20. When I'm working, I feel like I'm 75. "Get these balls!"
  21. I had to put custom gel inserts into my Nikes, but other than that, no problems. Helps if you buy a pair that's over $100.00. The rest of them pretty much suck ass.... I'm doing 10K runs in them, with no blisters, no shinsplints, and no hip or back aches. "Get these balls!"
  22. No pause, just played it twice. Once I figured out that it was a perception test, I quit counting and observed any other little discrepancies I could find. Perception. Not hard. "Get these balls!"
  23. Lol. Yeah, I once set up a spam bot to spam my English boss (from the UK, English) with 1776 emails having "1776" in the subject line on July 4th. It was quite satisfying. "Get these balls!"
  24. 16 passes plus a dude in a gorilla suit. Plus, there are two guys and a girl on the white-shirt team, and the opposite on the black-shirt team. There are three elevator doors, with "S" on the columns in between them, and it took the gorilla 11 steps to cross the screen (excluding the pause for him to "cheese" in the middle") 4 of the participants are wearing white tennis shoes, the other two, black tennis shoes. 4 of the participants are wearing blue jeans, vs. black pants. I have WAAAAAY too much time on my hands...... "Get these balls!"