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  1. Miss you already. I'm proud to call you "friend".
  2. What a sad day. I'm really going to miss you, muppet.
  3. Oh that pisses me off. Sometimes I feel like that I'm literally the only married man in the modern world that still loves his wife with all his heart. No, there's at least 2 of us.
  4. Not that it helps much, but someone in the tent came back with an altimeter they said didn't belong to them but packed on accident and was looking for theirs. Have you called manifest? Maybe they turned it in.
  5. It all boils down to preference. I much prefer the AltiTrack. I prefer the analog style face, like the jump replay, etc. For me, the decision isn't even a close one. Others will tell you differently. They're both popular.
  6. They had Movie Factory there, but it was number 9.
  7. I've been using Windows Movie Maker for my videos, since I'm not a pro, just a hobbyist. I just got my Sony CX100 and realize I'll have to move on to something that supports AVCHD. I was going to order Vegas, but started looking around. Top 10 Reviews rates it 6th, with Cyberlink, Corel, Adobe, Magix Movie, and Pinnacle coming in above it. Has anyone used these, or is Vegas simply the best option for a PC user?
  8. Got mine today. Unfortunately, won't get to jump it until New Year's.
  9. It seems like you can mount the camera cage to it. I shot them an email to get more details.
  10. Does anyone have a full face camera helmet with face shield? Any pictures? I'm thinking of upgrading from my GoPro, but like jumping a full face. I've seen quite a few full face camera helmet, but no pictures of them with shields. Is there such a beast?
  11. This has interesting possibilities. How quickly does it update location?
  12. I took Tommy's course at JT. Good course, great guy.
  13. ?? Most rigs out there that were built for a 190 will hold a 150 just fine. Not every jumper is going to want to downsize rapidly. Some people choose to actually learn to fly a canopy at 1.0-ish before going smaller. This process, when done with an eye toward safety and not with an "I'm that fucking good" attitude, will take at least a couple hundred jumps. If a newbie can't get 500 jumps out of their first rig, they are either downsizing way too fast or they bought a real P.O.S... DAMN!! A voice of reason once again!! I bought a used canopy and a new container. I love having fit and comfort of something custom made to me. I've put 150 jumps on my gear this season, with no plans to downsize in the near future.
  14. It's your rig. Your new one should be fine if you did the measurements correctly.
  15. Boy you complain a lot. When I saw your jitters, I figured you'd be done for the day. Good on you for hopping right back in the saddle. You were a pro. I was impressed.