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  1. Thanks so much guys. I understand that boys lie about little things all the time, but to take it as far as he did is ridiculous. He has multiple stories of malfunctions and jumping naked and recording for tandems, and he talks about it SO much. I don't think that I can ever trust him again. Although, I can't help but be glad that he kind of introduced me to skydiving. I'm so so so excited to learn!
  2. Haha, but if it's true that they really can't look up his USPA number because he hasn't jumped in so long I would believe him. That's what I've been trying to figure out.
  3. I tried to find this something about this on Google but I wasn't sure what to type in. Sorry! My boyfriend is a skydiver. Or at least, he claims to be. In December I made my first tandem jump, and immediately asked for another one as a Christmas present because I could not wait to do it again. I really really really want to start an AFF course as soon as I save up the money because I can't imagine ever wanting to stop. The first time I went, my boyfriend said he didn't want to jump because his back hurt, which I thought nothing of. The second time I REALLY wanted him to jump before or after me and my ti or at least come up to the drop zone with me because I had a lot of questions that I would rather ask him than someone at the dz because it makes me feel like they think I'm questioning their experience, when really I'm just fascinated by it. He said that he wouldn't be able to jump because he isn't current, but from what I understand from stalking this forum, all you have to do is make a coached jump first. I asked him about it and he said that he can't find his tangible license, and that they wouldn't be able to look up his USPA number to see if he even HAS a license because he hasn't jumped in over a year and that it just goes away. Is that true? I don't mean to be a sneaky conniving distrustful jerk, but this all started because I saw a picture of him on his Facebook "skydiving", which I had looked at several times before in passing, but this time I noticed that he was wearing a jumpsuit and goggles and a helmet... but no harness or rig or altimeter. -_- I imagine it was really a wind tunnel with a Photoshopped background. There's another one where he's clearly parasailing, and although the caption doesn't SAY anything about skydiving, the comments do and he responds to them without correcting them, and in a response to one he starts talking about a reserve :/ He does know a lot about skydiving, though. And he knows about owing beer and getting pied and all of the other hilarious things that I've been reading about by creeping all over your conversations here. I just expected him to be interested in actually jumping, the way that he talks about it... and it makes me wonder if he's actually ever even been skydiving.