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  1. Hey Muz, Thanks for the info. LouDiamond, we only need phone signal to return. Ideally you will get lock prior to jumping in the plane and after that the GPS will do the rest. The issue with the current version is that if there is no signal, we drop the point. This will be fixed with a later version. Also depends on the GPS chipset. I have an imported T1 phone. It doesnt have the Telstra firmware and therefore tends to drop signal fairly often, however the GPS is quite good. It looks very quickly often less than 10 seconds and has a decent attempt when inside some buildings. I will try and organise something or this wekeend with one of the developers, but if anyone else out there has an Android phone, please download and see how you go :) James
  2. Hey Muz, I have the grand total of 1 AFF jumps under my belt, so definitely a newbie, but it was freaking awesome. Is there anyone in particular at Tooradin we should talk to? James
  3. Hey Martlet, It updates position every second as long as there is phone signal and it has GPS lock. Next version will have caching for when there is no phone signal. Muz, Thinking of Commando out at Tooradin. I did my 1 AFF out at Nagambie but it is a fair way away. James
  4. Hey, iPhone app is in development as we speak. We expect about 6 weeks. Also doing it for Nokia and Windows Mobile. Cheers, James
  5. Hey Hellis, We are developing it in Australia, and I have spoken to CASA and they recommend using a mobile phone as a secondary means of comms in case of radio failure. I am not sure what the situation is in the US. We have done testing in light aircraft and the GPS in my HTC Dream holds lock quite well. I am going to chat with a drop zone in Victoria next weekend, but hoping to get a decent number of people to play with it and a range of phones as well, and also look at the best ways of getting it to work. Cheers, James
  6. Hi all, We are developing an application that is a "black box in a phone" solution for pilots. It provides real time 3D updates on a website and mobile phone on the location of a plane. We were discussing it with a customer and he asked an interesting question, "Does it work for skydivers?" The short answer is, I have no idea and that is where we need some help. Our application works on Android phones and is available in the Android marketplace. We are looking for a couple of people to download the app and start take their phone along for a jump. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If this does work for skydivings, it will be really exciting. It will provide people with a 3D view of their jump and you will be able to group views together so to view relative work! We have tested it quite a bit in light aircraft and it works quite well. Altitude can be a little out, but in general the flights look fantastic. The application is only written for Android at the moment, but more phones are planned. If anyone has an Android phone, is in a country where it is legal to use a phone in a plane and is interested, we would be really appreciative if you could help out. The website is and the application is available in the android marketplace in the travel section. It is called gpslogbooks. Once again any help greatly appreciated. Cheers, James