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  1. I saw that it's back up, with a little disclaimer. What are the actual differences between the Garmin Connectiq version and the sideload version?
  2. Not the exact same thing, but one size up ... I packed a Speed2000 190 into an I-33 (built for a PD-143) pretty easily. The Speed2000 packed about the same or maybe slightly smaller than an OP160 and a Nano 160, both of which also packed pretty easily into the I-33. I'll have to dig into my logbooks (this was years ago), but I may even have measurements from the packjobs, including pull force for the same closing loop lengths, and chord/span of each of the canopies.
  3. It's been a few weeks now; has anyone gotten their hands on a mock up or a rig yet? Kelly mentioned in a facebook post that it's different from the RAX from 10 years ago. Has anyone played with both and can comment on the designs?
  4. It wasn't either on those. In fact, it referenced the 1997 report. The article was a click through from an email, but I suppose it may not have come from USPA but instead from a dropzone. I just remember shortly after it came out, talking about it to coaches I was supervising doing emergency procedure reviews and referencing it during FJCs.
  5. About a year or a year and a half ago I read an article either in the USPA Professional or Parachutist Online, or similar, about two outs. I remember the content essentially said that the majority of side by sides tend to develop into biplanes, and talked about tips on how to handle two out situations. I can't find the article anymore. Does anyone here remember the article and/or know how to find it? I've searched a bunch and can't find it, and I emailed safety@uspa and he doesn't remember.
  6. I had one DOM Feb 2009 I sent in for the update + batteries (since the original vigil 2 says to replace batteries after 10 years and you can no longer source them for field replacement). They updated it to a Quattro, replaced the control unit, and of course the batteries. Charged for the batteries.
  7. It hasn't been stated yet, but you can rent Phoenix Fly suits from http://bonzaiwingsuitrentals.com/
  8. Bench press, overhead press, deadlift, chinups. Maybe squats to train a loaded spine. Find a quality coach, not just some schmoe trainer at the local gym. Barbell Medicine is an excellent place to start. Barbell Logic is also good.
  9. I think it's a typo. It says "student 1.0 = NS" and "intermediate 1.0 = 192"
  10. Hey Jarno, how would you compare the Strix2 to the Rafale?
  11. Thanks. Like I said, I've just never seen or heard of issues except for here. I wonder how much of it is wingsuit choice. I've only got a handful of jumps on suits larger than a V4. That might be where problems start to show up
  12. Interesting opinions on the Storm. Now, I'm only one man, but I've put between 800 and 1,000 jumps on my Storm while wearing a wingsuit. I've had a total of two line twists, both of which were 360. One time I almost had line twists, it started to give me a 180 twist, but it cleared before the opening finished. Other than that, nothing. I do frequently have less than a 90 degree off heading opening, and occasionally it'll open off heading more than that, but 99.8% of the time there are no line twists, and probably 90% of the time they are completely uneventful openings. This is on a Storm 150 loaded at 1.6:1, with 3 different linesets: factory dacron, ThrillInc custom 300lb dacron, and HMA from Simon Wade. Wingsuits have been mostly Phantom 2/3, and Vampire 4, Freak, Magister.
  13. by longer thinner do you mean you just skip folding the pilot chute in half? I would also love your video because I'm having a hard time visualizing it. Brian
  14. This method of packing a pilot chute also helps by significantly reduces the chances of a horseshoe malfunction, reducing your problem to a high pull. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axCeYlY_6io Brian
  15. I use Zig Millenium pens. I think I learned about them from a PD video or something. I used to use super-fine sharpies or staedler pens. Brian