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  1. voilsb

    Beginner wingsuit recommendations?

    It hasn't been stated yet, but you can rent Phoenix Fly suits from http://bonzaiwingsuitrentals.com/
  2. Bench press, overhead press, deadlift, chinups. Maybe squats to train a loaded spine. Find a quality coach, not just some schmoe trainer at the local gym. Barbell Medicine is an excellent place to start. Barbell Logic is also good.
  3. I think it's a typo. It says "student 1.0 = NS" and "intermediate 1.0 = 192"
  4. voilsb

    Strix vs Freak 2 vs ATC

    Hey Jarno, how would you compare the Strix2 to the Rafale?
  5. voilsb

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    Thanks. Like I said, I've just never seen or heard of issues except for here. I wonder how much of it is wingsuit choice. I've only got a handful of jumps on suits larger than a V4. That might be where problems start to show up
  6. voilsb

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    Interesting opinions on the Storm. Now, I'm only one man, but I've put between 800 and 1,000 jumps on my Storm while wearing a wingsuit. I've had a total of two line twists, both of which were 360. One time I almost had line twists, it started to give me a 180 twist, but it cleared before the opening finished. Other than that, nothing. I do frequently have less than a 90 degree off heading opening, and occasionally it'll open off heading more than that, but 99.8% of the time there are no line twists, and probably 90% of the time they are completely uneventful openings. This is on a Storm 150 loaded at 1.6:1, with 3 different linesets: factory dacron, ThrillInc custom 300lb dacron, and HMA from Simon Wade. Wingsuits have been mostly Phantom 2/3, and Vampire 4, Freak, Magister.
  7. I use Zig Millenium pens. I think I learned about them from a PD video or something. I used to use super-fine sharpies or staedler pens.
  8. voilsb

    FlySight navigation mode

    I'm just playing with it for now. Mostly as a learning exercise. Decided to finally mount and use my flysight
  9. voilsb

    FlySight navigation mode

    How do you guys have flyblind configured? I'm trying to get it to give me verbal distance, tone rate for how close my heading is to the target, and high/low pitches to indicate left or right to get on heading. I can get the first two, but not the third.
  10. voilsb

    Canopy Size and Descent Rate

    A few years ago I demoed na Optimum 160, Nano 160, and Speed2000/190, and all 3 were about 10mph (4.5 m/s) vertical with brakes stowed, and 15 mph (6.7 m/s) in full flight with an exit weight of 210 lb (95 kg). I hope that helps.
  11. voilsb

    Viso II Dive Type Selector?

    I don't think any help with faster opening detection, but maybe STU does. Basically both slow and STU can give false freefall if the plane descends on jump run or otherwise. Normal sometimes doesn't detect freefall on some hop and pops or falsely detects deployment on some wingsuit jumps. Slow may not detect deployment on some high performance hop and pops and may detect freefall on a go-around.
  12. voilsb

    Pilot7 canopy

    Since you have the ZLX lines, can you post some pictures of them and do you have an opinion on how they're different from vectran or HMA? Unrelated to that, how does the pilot7 fly compared to other popular wingsuit canopies like storms, sabres, and original pilots?
  13. voilsb

    US Cordura source

    Another good one is Seattlefabrics.com, from whom I've bought lots of fabric.
  14. voilsb

    When Should You Upsize Your Canopy

    Interesting calculator. I haven't jumped in 9 months. It says I'm "average risk" under my Storm 150 @1.4, but "high risk" under my Silhouette 210 at 1:1. I'm still going to jump the 210 for my recurrency.
  15. voilsb

    PD Storm wingloadings?

    I put about 750 jumps on a Storm 150 loaded at 1.6, most of them wingsuit jumps. I love it, and I've heard they're great at 1.8 as well (from talking to friends loaded like that). Landings are nice and easy in wind from 0-30 mph, straight-in toggles up to 270 front risers. Dunno about more than that. I think in those 750 jumps I've had one instance of line twists, which were easily cleared.