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  1. Johnkelley

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    What would you guys recommend about loading an OG Epicene above the listed "Max-Flight" weight? The largest Epicene I can fit into my container is a 190, which is also two sizes larger than what I have now (Sabre 1 150). I currently weigh 250lbs in flight (I need to lose weight), which puts me at a WL of 1.32. Though that's above the "max-flight" weight, that WL doesn't seem bad at all too me. Matter of fact, it's much better than the 1.66WL I'm at now. Is this something you guys would recommend? Does a low-bulk WS canopy such as the Epicene handle "above max-weight" as well as typical 9 cell ZP canopies do? *I realize now that this thread has strayed far off course from the original topic.
  2. Johnkelley

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    I've been wondering if they've been doing this, and I'm glad someone finally put it into words. Like I said earlier when someone asked why I was debating only between the Pilot 7 and the WinX, it's that I love Squirrel but their wing loading chart said I can't fit into the size I need, and the next size up won't fit into my container. However after looking into other options, I noticed that Squirrel's max-flight weight was WAY below all the others. I think they top out at 231lbs, where almost all other canopies go up to 260lbs at least. Like the Epicene Pro 210 has an "Expert" rating at 231lbs, but has a max-flight weight of also 231lbs? Idk personally the Epicene Pro would have been my first choice because all I need is 10/10 openings (when technique is done properly), and because I like Squirrel and everyone is allowed to like what they like, but it looks like it's not happening with that canopy for me.
  3. Johnkelley

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    I was watching a PD Storm promo vid the other day, and there was a PD athlete praising the Storm because it "changed his wingsuiting life". Now I've never flown a Storm, but I thought it was strange that PD released a video saying the Storm was the best option for wingsuiting knowing they have a Horizon on their product line. The video was only released a few months ago, so it's not like it was an old video pre-Horizon era.
  4. Johnkelley

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    So from the average answers I'm finding, the ranking order from "best" to "worst" for WS specific canopies are: WinX, Pilot 7(almost tied with WinX), Horizon, Epicene (subject to change with the Pro model)? It also depends if you plan on flying the canopy doing anything else other than a wingsuit, and if you want to fly fast (WinX and Pilot 7), or slow and safe (Horizon and Epicene)?
  5. Johnkelley

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    How would you say the WinX packs in terms of size compared to a traditional ZP canopy? The Horizon and Epicene pack "2 sizes smaller", meaning I could fit a 190 in my container built for a 150. However, those are made out of F11 material, where I'm reading the WinX is completely ZP. However the manual for the WinX says it's design is slimmed down making it pack smaller than normal, but what does that actually mean?
  6. Johnkelley

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    For those with experience flying both, which one did you like better? What aspects about each did you like? What about each did you not like?
  7. Johnkelley

    How Much Tunnel Time?

    Hello, If you had to estimate a number, how much COACHED tunnel time do you think it would take someone who just got their A license to be able to fly any type of jump (not wingsuit)? Not be a master at it, but enough to be able to comfortably fly their slot in RW, and FF (angled tracking, sit, head down, etc.). I realize that everyone learns at differently and some people may take longer than others, but I was just curious what the average is. More or less asking for fun and to see what people average for a number of hours.