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  1. Anybody got any ideas. I also noticed pack volume on the smart is larger than most reserves of similar size and equal to larger reserves. Im basing this on the vector sizing charts. I emailed aerodyne but haven't heard back from them yet.
  2. I heard about an interesting scenario and I want to know how common it is. I read this in an article on Quote.. "If you are below 1,000 feet, you should still go straight to your reserve and get more nylon over your head. However, you should be aware that there have been cases in which a MARD hindered reserve deployment when the jumper pulled the reserve ripcord while still attached to the main parachute. In these cases, the reserve pilot chute launched but did not have enough drag to disconnect the MARD and pull the reserve from the container" It says "there have been cases"... does that mean this is rare but possible? is it particular to a certain brand of mard? Do some do it more than others? here is a link to the full article
  3. My question is about how the smart reserve wing load is measured. For example on the website I see a smart 160 with exit weight of 192 is a 1.0 wing load. How does this work?
  4. Thanks Deyan! I just checked the manual and this is a quote "The Airforce Reserve Parachute has a service life of 20 years from the Date of Manufacture stamped on the Parachute Canopy (whether used or in storage), due to the natural degradation of the textiles used for its manufacture." I'm still curious about the original question if anyone else has more info.
  5. Hi, I have gotten mixed answers to this question so I wanted to ask here. Hopefully someone who owns one of these can chime in or a rigger who has experience with them I was told that the TSO may be written in a way that some riggers will pack it and others will not. Another source told me it has a TSO and there is no problem. The one I'm looking at was manufactured on 1999 if that makes a difference Anybody have any experience with this?