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  1. So upon checking the volume of smart and smartLPV it seems that the smartLPV 150 actually packs 1 cui smaller than the regular smart 135. Does that mean technically speaking if a container can fit a smart 135 it should fit a 150 LPV? I was told by one rigger that the I-2sn series are more restrictive so a 150 LPV is a no-go so I was wondering if anyone had the chance to compare how op143, 150 LPV and 135 smart packs
  2. Looking to complete my first rig and would appreciate some advice! I have a I23SN and according to VSE’s size chart, I would be able to fit a Optimum 143/Smart 135/Nano 143 in there. I was wondering if anyone know how these pack compare to a Smart LPV? I’m trying to find out if I would be able to fit a 150 LPV in there.