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  1. I think this must have been unofficial record for a quite long time. It was flown at Hercules boogie 2004. I tried to fly to grip the right side for fifth, but failed. "Fear is the path to the Dark side" (Master Yoda)
  2. If I remember right, the hole was already there in the Skyflyer series of suits. Not 100% sure though. "Fear is the path to the Dark side" (Master Yoda)
  3. It also gives the top guys more visual reference on how the stack is behaving. As you cannot see the base if you're directly above it and there's lots of people in between. You should not only be lookin the flyer just below you, but also the flyers below him. This gives you the possibility to smoothen the motions of the stack and not just react to the moving of the guy below you. "Fear is the path to the Dark side" (Master Yoda)
  4. A 360 front riser turn executed too low, or straightened too low.
  5. Old stuff, but you'll get the idea... V "Fear is the path to the Dark side" (Master Yoda)
  6. Starting a new company (birdman® seems to be a different company/trademark than the previous Inc. and Oy. version? But perhaps Im missing something) with a kick in the back to former working partners seems like an odd thing to do. The jeans, underwear and belt buckles didnt seem to work that well, but interested in what the watch may bring to the market... Gives almost as much good vibes as your comment to it. Why wouldn't you all manufacturer representants just concentrate on what you are doing, and not to what someone else is saying... V "Fear is the path to the Dark side" (Master Yoda)
  7. For real impact protection, maybe not for coolness factor, I would give a vote to Factory Diver / Oxygen. Made of thicker composite material and stiff inner lining which both absorb energy much better than thin plastic/carbon fibre used in most other helmets. Factory Diver has saved my life once... the helmet was ruined but my head was not. V "Fear is the path to the Dark side" (Master Yoda)
  8. If you're a visiting jumper, then you have no need to get it approved. You can jump if your rig is airworthy in your own country. V "Fear is the path to the Dark side" (Master Yoda)
  9. I think: that was really great! V "Fear is the path to the Dark side" (Master Yoda)
  10. At our dropzone we had a collision that involved jumper in V3 and the horizontal stabilizer of a C206 (exit at cargo door). Luckily the jumper was unharmed, as the wing touched only his rig, not head. He said the V3 catches airstream at the door much more than for example the V2. I have been doing exits from the cameraman position of C206 with V2, but suppose it will be too unsafe with V3. V "Fear is the path to the Dark side" (Master Yoda)
  11. If you really want a XB canopy, I would maybe recommend a Xaos 21 or FX (with the large slider). V "Fear is the path to the Dark side" (Master Yoda)
  12. My choise for combined wingsuit and swooping canopy is Icarus Extreme FX. I have about 400 flights with wingsuit using FX with wl ~2.4 (sizes 79 and 70 sqft). Line twists maybe 3-4 times, no spinning, no reserve rides. V "Fear is the path to the Dark side" (Master Yoda)
  13. Photo courtesy of Hans Berggren, "Fear is the path to the Dark side" (Master Yoda)
  14. -Factory diver helmet -BH box for PC1000, box integrated to helmet with carbon fibre -Self made top mount plate and detachable frame for still camera (Olympus E400), polycarbonate and carbon fibre. -Cam eye for PC -tongue switch for still -weight without cameras ~1.2kg -weight with cameras ~2.3kg Designed to be as free of snagpoints as possible, especially from the back of the helmet, no cutaway. V "Fear is the path to the Dark side" (Master Yoda)
  15. I would suggest Leo Valentin's biography about himself and other pioneers of parachuting and wingsuiters of the time "l'homme oiseau" (birdman). Airtec published it as three language book (French, English and German) about ten years ago. Great book and amazing photos from the history. V "Fear is the path to the Dark side" (Master Yoda)