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  1. At first I'll use it as AFF-Instructor. That's the reason I would like to use a full face helmet ;-) I'm aware of the cons.
  2. Is it possible to assamble a camera box on a factory diver? How to do? I never reconstruct a helmet before. Are there full face helmets with the possibility for a sidemounted camera box? thx
  3. bluEagle


    I'm interested in and if I would open a new thread for this topic then another user would scream and say "use the search function"... ok
  4. bluEagle


    what does it mean to you? the deeper meaning? or is it more and more an oldfashioned thing?
  5. who use this camcorder for skydiving? is it appropriated? pros and cons? thx
  6. I'm interessted in camera (video) flying but I'm not well schooled in the technical thing. So I hope you can call me a page in the www where I can find an overview with useful possibilities (freefall video cameras). And where I can read something about the pros and cons of the different technical details. I also could ask which camera/camcorder you would advise but I think you heard this question too often ;-) thanks
  7. Gransee is an airfield only for skydivers. There are no glider, ultralights or anything else. The landing area is very big and in the area around the dropzone are many free fields and scarcely obstacles. All nessecary facilities are available and in good conditions. The stuff is very professional, friendly and helpful. The restaurant supply you with fantastic food from about 8:00 a.m. till night/early morning (breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, cocktails and so on). Get away from everyday life and dive into another world!