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  1. kusgra


    Think I'm getting one of these
  2. Hi all: Anyone out there jumping a crossfire with your wingsuit? Good or bad experience? Or other suggestions for an elliptical swoop friendly canopy that won't lead to a reserve repack once a week? Thanks! Virgil
  3. kusgra

    Skydive Utah

    I moved to utah a this season and have had a wonderful experience at Skydive Utah. The owners Jack and Debbie are friendly people who go out of their way to help. Phil the manager is awesome and makes a huge effort to get funjumpers on loads and will rearrange loads at the last minute or hold them to get funjumpers on the loads they need. The tandem instructors are friendly and outgoing and will help newer jumpers with great advice, and are never elitist. There's a great core of wingsuiters developing here as well. Overall its a great place to jump. Hopefully time will lead to another turbine (the King air is super fast and always gets 13K +) and more facilities (BAR!) but its a great local DZ.
  4. Cloverdale - if that's the Santa Rosa one its closed as far as I know? Anyway - Davis, Lodi (further) are our two. But if we could scrounge up a couple of more folks I know lots of other pilots and 172's aren't too pricey...
  5. Hi: I'm searching for any and all skydivers in or around Humboldt County! I know you're out there. Where do you jump? Do you want to get a club together and maybe a plane? Or...