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  1. eman

    BSBD Dave Brown :(

    The sport lost a GREAT free flyer ! He was always coaching at Rantoul. Thats where he became Asswipe Rodriguez. Fly free my brother. Rip it up !!
  2. eman

    Eli Thompson

    Would someome post a link to what happened ? And where ?
  3. Hell YEAH !!! I have never missed one in Rantoul ! !
  4. eman

    Best freefly helment?

    Cookie makes a GREAT helmet ! Not cheap, but worth it. Removable padding, nice chin cup. fit & finish is the best. Very nice camera box !
  5. eman

    Best Tandem in South Carolina?

    Skydive Carolina has a fast Twin Otter. A great plane for tandems !! Also very good photographers for your memory recorded. And they edit it to DVD !!! Well worth the drive. Call for an appointment !
  6. Skydive Carolina is 40 minutes away from Charlotte. Nice otter DZ that is fun and busy. Rental gear is available. Check them out on www.skydivecarolina.com
  7. eman

    helmet for freefly (camera)

    Cookie is THE best camera helmet ! ! Weighs much less than a Rawa and the fit & finish is Far better ! ! I have jumped both and Cookie is the way to go. It cost, but good stuff does ! ! Great service too !
  8. Thanks to all at Raeford for a well run Boogie !! We could only come for Saturday, but the jumps were great, swoops were cool, demos were cool, hot dogs were appreciated, burgers in the grill were very good. Nice to see some old Freefly friends. We will be back for sure ! ! !
  9. eman

    PapaChulo Rodriguez

    This is a photo of Papa Chulo at the Skydive Carolina Christmas party. He is on the right of Carumba. The smile is his trademark !
  10. eman

    Mirage owners

    The G4 ! I have bought 3.
  11. this prick sent me the same scam letter.
  12. eman

    Mxv Helmet

    Great service ! I have jumped one for a year and love it. I had a Rawa for a year before that. I ordered my second MXV on Monday and got it on Friday ! From Australia !! Jeremy takes care of his customers ! The best helmet on the market today ! Some things are worth what they cost to own. The MXV is one of them.
  13. this guy contacted me also. Sounds like a scam for sure.
  14. eman

    Rawa Camera Helmet

    Thanks for the info !!!
  15. eman

    Rawa Camera Helmet

    Will a PC 100 fit in a box for a PC 105 ?? Thanks for any help.