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  1. The sport lost a GREAT free flyer ! He was always coaching at Rantoul. Thats where he became Asswipe Rodriguez. Fly free my brother. Rip it up !!
  2. Very good show. Makes you want to visit Norway ! Beautiful geography ! it can be seen online. It was in HD !
  3. 2003 Pto Street Total Custom Softtail-100 CI Rev Tech-open primary.......
  4. "Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true." Bodhi (Patrick Swayze) - Point Break
  5. Would someome post a link to what happened ? And where ?
  6. I saw it Christmas Day and loved it. Clint still has it !
  7. ....I love my 100 Cubic Inch Rev Tech !
  8. Dumb ass naked beggar ! She should have worn a Pro Tech ! Funny as Hell !
  9. eman

    My new bike

    Pro Street Custom softtail ! Jesse James Roller rear fender, Arlen Ness head light, 80 spoke twisted front wheel, BDL open primary, compression release buttons. F A S T
  10. eman

    My new bike

    and the right side......
  11. eman

    My new bike

    Sweet bike..... I just picked up a total custom, 100 CI Rev Tech
  12. Fucking WOW !!!! GREAT video ! I woud like to see one on the P-47 Thunderbolt ! My Pop flew one of those !
  13. Google Printer Friendly Weather MapQuest TopoZone TerraServer Help -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Max Patch -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Highlights: This A.T. summit provides some of the best views in the southeast Near: Hot Springs, NC Scenery: Distance: 9.5 miles round trip Elevation Gain: 2422 ft Hike Time: 5.5 hours Difficulty: Moderate Trail Condition: Well maintained trail HikeType: Out and Back --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Andy, VERY nice footage & blog content ! Super condensed coverage of a fun Boogie ! Thanks !
  15. eman

    gatorz sunglasses

    I agree....Gatorz suck ! The optics are poor. Too much money for cool frames. MUCH nicer glasses out there.