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  1. I love Eli! and am happy to share the same last name, but he was not my soulmate. Didn't think about that possible confusion. I'm married to Richard Thompson. Prayers for Eli's wife Sarah and three sweet little angels.
  2. Husband, Father, Son, Friend, Hero...
  3. Sally. I'm sorry to hear of your loss. It was always a pleasure to run into you and Charlie. Both of you always greeted us with such a kind, sweet spirit and friendly disposition. I hope you will be encouraged by friends and family, as I'm sure you will greatly miss Charlie. I will tell Annie & Rosalyn. You will be in our thoughts. Love, Olivia
  4. BirdBabe1

    Crocs shoes

    I love! luv! love Merrells too!
  5. BirdBabe1

    Crocs shoes

    The AXLE CROC recently became my husband's favorite shoe. Winter and Desert Camo colors. Looks good and seems to be light, comfortable and form fitting. Three of his friends tried it on and immediately ordered a pair. He originally got it to wear while boating/fishing/diving but it seems to be a great shoe for a lot of situations. Here's the link, but you can buy them from other websites. The AXLEs were sold out and backordered during the holidays.§ion=products
  6. Hi Scott! I just logged on & searched for Perry. He has been so difficult to contact... since last May or so. I hope he's doing okay. Maybe he's in Wisconsin? We'll see.
  7. Hello Jaime, You would probably remember me if we met in person. I know your brother John pretty well and have seen you at the Richmond boogies. You wrote a beautiful letter. Full of honor to your mother. The respect & admiration you have for her shines clear. I'm sure she loved you dearly. Your letter made me think of my mother, who I love so much. I look up to her & hope to retain the qualities she has. I hope that I would grow and become a symbol of her strength for my brothers & sister to look to for encouragement if we should ever lose her. Your mother's legacy can live through you & your life. You can be the symbol & rock for your family to turn too. The skydiving community can enjoy the things your mother created, and you can keep the dream alive! Best Wishes & Blue Skies to you & your family, Olivia
  8. Thanks Bonnie. Wish I could be there. It's been some time since I last saw Wyatt. I only have good thoughts & memories of him. Really nice guy! How awful to loose him.
  9. One website that really seems to cover in detail the ins & outs of Catholic belief is It's composed by this guy - who said "I was brought up in a devout Catholic family. I thank God for my parents and my Catholic teachers who taught me the fear of the Lord as best as they knew how." I don't really think that it matters what you're called, but I would think that a "true Christian" would be someone who completely trusts in Christ and Christ alone for salvation. Good post buddy. Good questions. I don't think people should fight either. Especially since one person can't convince another peson of something against their will.
  10. Sounds like fun! I can't wait to get in the air at DeLand again and what a good day to be there! An outdoor bar is a great idea since the Perfect Spot is completely busy at times.
  11. Well, it's happening. Definitely a start to no privacy. I just entered my friend's cell # (who is traveling) in this website. I almost posted this in the Speakers Corner, but here it is...
  12. Wow! She's an inspiration! All the good family and travel pics are great too...
  13. Cool ocean shot... Honey will travel.
  14. That's adorable... Definitely qualifies as a honey, buddy!