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  1. This is a technique I've never dared practicing, because I could never really feel the strength the lines were pulling on my arms, when flying in line-mod. Very seriously, do you think a good velcro will be strong enough to keep the break lines attached? Even in the case of a wind perturbation (don't know the english term ~ wind shaking...) ? Thanks for replying seriously (Though I could land my canopy on the risers, I'm not longing for it) Nico
  2. They don't understand what they don't know. 20 years ago, rock climbing was seen as 'extreme sport' and climbers were seen as dangerous dummies. Today everyone is climbing, and this sport has become as known as soccer or baseball (well at least on the east side of atlantic :o). I firmely believe that hiding is not a solution. The more people practicing a sport and showing it in the media, the more people get used to it and stop getting scared of it. For base jump, I agree that could take 100 years, but there are already signs showing things are changing, like official courses, instructors, places where base jumpers are welcomed (LB, ITW, bridges in USA, some french valleys, norway...). Creating such a database seems like a good idea. This must not be the only one. Nico
  3. would it buffer a 1 minute skydive ? This is not what I suggest. I only heard that even with a tape storage, the camera stores one or two seconds in a buffer, then transfers it to tape. It is not a real-time writing. I guess this applies to modern tape-based cameras, but not that modern... Nico
  4. I thought even the tape-based cameras were already equiped with such a shock-detector system, thus blocking the recording / the transfer to tape, of the memory buffer ? Nico
  5. AG stole Luigi Cani's canopy ? Nico
  6. Nothing (that) special : - 180 offheading + stale (stalling ?) after a too hard rear riser pull and seeing really close tree tops - sliding on ice-covered exit of a bridge, leading to a head down launch, followed by a landing amongst invisible white sheeps on white snow - twists, strong wind, thick fog, bad landings, guards... nothing but a BASE life I guess... Nico
  7. nec

    #108 - ?????????

    It may sound like, but it was NOT. Please don't assume things when you don't know. Thank you. Nico
  8. Grenoble is not in the south east, but in the east, and is considered by all... well say be many... well say by me
  9. nec

    Stronger gear

    Hi, I discussed with two jumpers that are jumping on ZP canopies for at least 150 jumps, and what they say is that the fabric seems to stay as solid/consistent/non-porosity as at the first day, so they are very glad of it. Without considering the added weight, I was wondering if the same kind (ZP vs F111) of improvement did exist for other parts of the gear : - the lines that gets scratched (I don't know the right term) by the slider : does another material could be used to make them stronger? - the 'fabric' used for the container - the different velcros - well ok, I don't have many other ideas of parts getting more hurted as the canopy and the lines, but I could speak about the slider, the bridle, the legs and chest straps, aso... Nico
  10. 30 years old today 1 year experience 61 jumps (A.S.E.) Nico
  11. nec

    Canopy life

    I translate that into "heavier", but... ...this week-end, I tried for the first time a fox and compared to my vtec-troll, exactly the same size, it sounded exactly the same weight, so ??? Second point : when hesitating between a fox and a troll, everyone told me that at deployment time, the fox is getting a little bit 'lower' and not advancing (which is nice when offheading), compared to the troll which was said to open by consuming less vertical distance, but starting to fly earlier (which is BAD when offheading). I translated that into : the fox is a lorry that can't turn, and with a slow on-target speed. When jumping (once, ok) with this fox, I found exactly the opposite when in flight (I had no time to check all that on opening time) : the fox was VERY reactive, very fast on target, and had a fast flight. At the ITW, we also compared the glide ratio between my troll and my friend's fox, and my troll's beating its without a doubt. All these tests are showing contradictory results, so I'm a little bit lost... Nico
  12. nec

    Canopy life

    For non-native english speakers : is "overbuilt " meaning to build it too strong compared to what's needed ? If so, on what parts of the canopy did you see overbuilding ? Nico
  13. I were in LB this last week-end, and it was exceptionnaly sunny. In fact, during my very short base carreer, I was always used to cold mornings, or dawn, or night, winter, wind... The presence of sun when walking to YO was a first experience for me
  14. I've never even thought about that ! Do you mean one could pack so badly that a great pin tension would allow to lift the rig just by the bridle ? Nico
  15. nec

    Near Hungen, Germany

    Hi, I keep going all around Europe for tiny job trips (3 days), and I was wondering if there were something to do around Hungen, not that far from Frankfurt ? Nico
  16. nec

    "Bad Ideas" list

    Extrem, but this list should be worth reading. Nico
  17. nec

    And around Bristol?

    Your googling skills definitivelly beat mine Nico
  18. nec

    And around Bristol?

    No site naming, but yesterday evening my taxi ride passed upon THE bridge upon the Avon river, and a quick look at all the usual BASE concerns seemed to say yes, this is doable. Has it been done ? Nico
  19. Ron, seems like you'll earn piles of euros when you'll turn into base-guiding activities One more time : THANK YOU for having guided me, anf for your kindness. See you. Nico
  20. nec

    And around Bristol?

    Hi, I'm just returning from NL where I was lucky to met some of the nicest people on earth. A single post here on dropzone and Ron lead me to my first nightly-A with his smile and his calm behaviour : so cool ! Hi also to Koss and Svet' (and Nico - once I'll trip to BE) ! Now, I may quickly pass in Bristol, and I'd like to know if some people around there could tell me if it's worth bringing my gear? Thank you. Nico
  21. In the swiss valley on august, I chatted and jumped once with an australian girl doing aerials, and called Sally. I can't remember if I got her e-mail. Could she be the one you're looking for ? Nico