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  1. BobMoore

    Possible Skydiving Reality Show

    The networks are promoting their new shows on YouTube?
  2. BobMoore


    The skydive is over after they land. The instruction is over after the debrief. Come to think of it, the instruction is never over.
  3. You might be more successful with this. and
  4. BobMoore

    Icon reserve bridle folding?

    I have an Icon and will most likely use the manual I got with the rig many years ago. What do you think the problem is with the triangular method? Putting 3 full twists in the bridle doesn't seem to be any kind of a problem to me. The reserve should follow the pilot chute out with or without some twists in the bridle.
  5. BobMoore

    Visit Norway Interactive proximity wingsuit movie

    Sweet! This stuff is amazing, so amazing that my non-skydiver friends insist it is faked in some way.
  6. No, and I wouldn't throw a student out without an altimeter either.
  7. Wow! I didn't know his forward speed was that fast.
  8. BobMoore

    DZ with best view from the sky

    I have to say Lost Prairie, Montana. It's been my home DZ (I live in New York) for nearly 20 years now.
  9. BobMoore

    Unprofessional behavior caught on video

    That's something you might see a grade school student do. Definitely not behavior expected from an adult. I agree with you. That is not the least bit "cute".
  10. BobMoore

    a little rant ...

    I'm glad I did all that 20 years ago. Either the painful memory has dimmed or it didn't cost me nearly that much. Whatever. I did have fun doing it.
  11. BobMoore

    Latest on Tipping

    When I was teaching AFF I never got tipped. Maybe I wasn't very good.
  12. BobMoore

    When is it time................

    You just about summed it up there. I had a regular Monday-Friday 8 to 5 job that paid the bills and I worked at the DZ, it was a tandem factory, on Saturday and Sunday. That was okay, for a while, then the DZ got sold and I didn't agree with some of the opinions of the new owner, who had no instructor ratings. Those ten years were some of the most fun years of my life but the novelty wore off and now I jump for my own selfish amusement.
  13. Try real hard to be calm while talking to your customer. If you're nervous about your performance, have upset stomach after too many beers and chicken wings last night, you fear your girlfriend is about to leave you, put all that aside. Don't let them see you sweat. Over time you'll develop a routine of what they need to know, what you want them to know. Too much detail can be distracting to them. Stay away from the "fifth point of attachment" jokes. You never know how that will be received.
  14. BobMoore

    cx 100 help

    I can't help you. I just bought my CX100 a couple months ago, but you might want to specify that the videos are of your golden retriever in your back yard or this thread will go on for weeks about whether or not you have enough experience to jump with a camera.
  15. BobMoore

    What's happening at Elsinore?

    I was offended when Jim Wallace was pushed out many years ago. It may have been a business decision that seemed sound to the owner but it tainted the dropzone for me ever since. I haven't been back to jump there since then, but I am sure they don't even know who I am and are doing just fine without me.