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  1. Man it would suck to notice that the GoPro wasn't on.
  2. Hyvää syntymäpäivää in finnish. (in case some letters don't show they are a's with two dots. )
  3. She is talking about dive exits. Thanks anyway. Yes I know. I just think the problem is more mental than technique. Friend of mine had the same problem with straight exits. Trying the same thing over and over might not solve the problem quickest.
  4. You propably mean kicking with your legs or "trying to swim back to the plane"? Don't worry. There are many that have the same problem. It's part reflex part excitement. Have your tried jumping into sitflying position with your back against the wind? You don't need to do actual sit flying. just think that you're jumping into a pool. It's propably the most relaxed exit I can think of. Stay relax and still for a few seconds and then flip to your belly. That might help. (Of course listen to your jumpmasters first , then take advice from the internet. )
  5. I sometimes worry about it too. But I think in this sport there is almost always something to worry about or something that might occupy your mind when you should be concetrating on the jump . But I trust the riggers who inspect my gear and take it slowly when packing. Maeby I'm a little causious type myself too. i.e. I heard a story of a student that started throwing up after the landing because of ..err.. certain parts that accidentaly were caught under the leg straps. I was very very cautious when tightening those after that..
  6. I'm so going to print that on a t-shirt.
  7. I remember what my AFF instructor told me before my first jump. "so it's going to be noisy and cold and other skydivers might tell dirty jokes, but just keep focused on the routine and everything will be great! " And so it was! I was scared but that rig pressing me tight and the firm grip of the AFF instructors on the door felt comforting. Wasn't even too bad even when I forgot to breath during freefall. They talked about sensory overload. Cold, wind.., noise..etc. Now it's really a big part of my life. Friends.. Fun.. Stories.. Memories. Just don't expect the fear go away after first jump but for me it felt so good that I thought I could walk in the air for next three days! But the excitement is part of the fun so exceeding yourself makes student jumps very special. It's like they said "if you're not scared there is something wrong with you"
  8. Thanks for the reply. I think that "could be possible" is the answer I was looking for. I remember that good lesson of tampering with airflow was in Airkix when the coach slid his hand under me while I was flying.Instantly tipped downwards and to the side. Nice to hear some people consider this a possibility even though I've had good laughs while reading the "less scientific" theories too.
  9. Could be. I believe it had something do with airpressure and temperature. Was the sudden dropping sensation real or not, it's hard to prove. Hole in earths gravitational pull would result in slowing down sensation
  10. Hey man! what if we're just living on an electron in a giant atom! ...and what if atoms are really just tiny solar systems! Got any more cheetos? Unlikely. Laws of physics don't apply in sub-atomic level.
  11. Hahaa! I try to remember that when I overshoot my slot in a bigway.
  12. Very close! We usually just holds hands on a plane and wait for it to dissappear! Pop! And we're in freefall allready docked.
  13. Hahaa! I try to remember that when I overshoot my slot in a bigway.
  14. There was little shaking under canopy but nothing special. Had some scattered clouds but not over the dz directly if I remember right.